Documenting Protests, App Bans, Pantone Colors, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 7, 2020


Washington University in St. Louis: WashU Expert: How to document the protests. “Americans across the nation are documenting today’s protests through photography and video, often posting their content on Instagram, Twitter and other social media feeds. But is that the safest way to preserve these historic images? No, said Miranda Rectenwald, curator of local history at University Libraries at Washington University in St. Louis. She has created a list of resources from Documenting the Now, the Blacktivists and more, to help protest participants preserve their content for the long term.”


CNN: The United States is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps, Pompeo says . “The United States is ‘looking at’ banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday. Pompeo suggested the possible move during an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, adding that ‘we’re taking this very seriously.'”


Lifehacker: Download Pantone’s Free New App to Create Perfect Color Palettes. “Are you someone who appreciates the subtle difference between two similar shades of red? Do you anxiously await the announcement of Pantone’s color of the year? Are you constantly making mental plans to redo various rooms in your home, despite not actually having the time, money or energy to do it? If so, you’ll probably enjoy a free new app from Pantone that lets you quickly and easily put together color palettes. Here’s what it does and how to download it.”

PC Magazine: How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms for Group Video Chats. “With Facebook Messenger Rooms, you can create a virtual room where people can come by and spend time with you on video. Your room can stay up all the time, or you can open it for specific occasions like a happy hour, game night, or birthday party. Open the room to all your Facebook friends or just invite specific people. Messenger Rooms works on the Facebook and Messenger websites or app. Unfortunately, only Chrome and Edge web browsers are supported.”


Arab News: Five fashion brands with digital-only collections. “What is a digital fashion collection? Essentially items that will never physically exist. Part creative outlet (dress your Bitmoji avatar in Alexander McQueen), part hypebeast flex (Fortnite’s ‘skins’ are now must-have revenue-drivers) and part opportunity for the fashion world to address its environmental footprint.”

Vulture: Is Anyone Watching Quibi? The streaming platform raised $1.75 billion and secured a roster of A-list talent, but it can’t get audiences to notice.. “Quibi, the brainchild of Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former Disney studio head and DreamWorks co-founder, had promised to reinvent television by streaming high-quality content in ten-minute-or-less chunks to ‘the TV in your pocket.’ (Quibi, which rhymes with Libby, is short for ‘quick bites.’)” Just reading this paragraph made me laugh out loud. It’s 1999 all over again, down to the hard-to-spell, has-to-be-explained name. FLOOZ


Reuters: Indonesia imposes 10% VAT on Amazon, Google, Netflix and Spotify. “Indonesia imposed a 10% value-added tax on sales by technology firms including Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Google on Tuesday, as spending patterns shift with increased remote working as a result of the coronavirus crisis, which has hit state finances.”

BBC: Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data ‘pause’. “Microsoft and Zoom have said they will not process data requests made by the Hong Kong authorities while they take stock of a new security law. They follow Facebook, Google, Twitter and the chat app Telegram, which had already announced similar ‘pauses’ in compliance over the past two days.”


British Library: Archivists, Stop Wasting Your Ref-ing Time!. “One of the most laborious yet necessary tasks of an archivist is the generation of catalogue references. This was once the bane of my life. But I now have a technological solution, which anyone can download and use for free.”

The Next Web: New AI project captures Jane Austen’s thoughts on social media. “The project — called AI|Writer — uses OpenAI’s new text generator API to create simulated conversations with virtual historical figures. The system first works out the purpose of the message and the intended recipient by searching for patterns in the text. It then uses the API‘s internal knowledge of that person to guess how they would respond in their written voice.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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