Australia Children’s Literature, Mental Health Apps, Live Music Video, More: Thursday Late-Evening ResearchBuzz, August 27, 2020


The Sector: NCACL makes free database for educators to help find First Nations children’s books. “The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature (NCACL) has produced a free database for educators to help them discover children’s books by and about Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.”

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: One size may not fit all: BILH psychiatrists develop mental health app assessment tool. “About one in five U.S. adults, an estimated 47 million people, lives with a mental illness. Fewer than half of them receive treatment, counseling or medication. In recent years, smartphone apps have emerged as potentially cost-effective means of expanding access to mental healthcare. But with some 10,000 mental health apps — which are not subject to FDA oversight — available in mobile app stores today, the task of determining which apps are safe and effective can seem overwhelming to patients and providers alike.”

JamBase: JamBase Launches Massive Live Video Archive. “Today, JamBase is excited to announce the JamBase Live Video Archive (JBLVA), an ever-growing database featuring thousands of live music videos. The JBLVA allows visitors to filter videos in any number of ways, including by band, song, duration, year and videographer/channel to help you find just the right clip.”

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Professor Launches Undocu-friendly College Planning Site. “Students who are DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) recipients, are undocumented, or live in mixed-status families often find that college planning is complex and challenging. Many counselors and school staff aren’t equipped with the information and resources they need to understand the impacts of immigration status on college admissions and degree attainment. In response to this growing community need, UNC Greensboro’s Dr. Laura Gonzalez has launched ‘So Much Potential,’ a new website aimed at educating high school counselors and staff so that they can better support all students on the path to college. The website also serves as a resource for students and families who may not be aware of their options.”


US News & World Report: US Rolls Out Free App for Alerts on Vehicle Recalls. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was scheduled to roll out the free app for both Android and Apple phones on Thursday. Owners key in or scan their 17-digit vehicle identification number, and the app will search the agency’s database for recalls. If there is one, the app will send an alert, the agency says. People also can add child seats, trailers and tires, and the app will check those for recalls.”

The Next Web: How to use Microsoft Word’s new ‘Transcribe’ tool. “Microsoft today announced a new feature for Word: a transcription tool that allows you to get spoken words into your document without you having to type all of them. We’ll show you how to use it.”


Fast Company: Stop opening so many browser tabs and use these 3 slick tools instead. “Once you’ve buried yourself under dozens of browser tabs, you’re constantly having to pick through them all to find your way back to Gmail or Google Docs. Or instead of trying to track down the sites you’ve already got open, you just open them again in a new tab, creating even more clutter. As they say in infomercials, there’s a better way. By making some changes to your web browser, you can more easily access the websites you use most and cut down on tab overload. Here are a few things to try.”


ZDNet: Twitter takes down ‘Dracula’ botnet pushing pro-Chinese propaganda. “Social media research group Graphika said today it identified a Twitter botnet of around 3,000 bots that pushed pro-Chinese political spam, echoing official messaging released through state propaganda accounts. Graphika said it was able to identify the botnet due to a quirk shared by the vast majority of bot accounts, most of which used quotes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula book for the profile description and the first two tweets.” Dracula?


South China Morning Post: Baidu creates ‘world’s largest’ Chinese natural language processing database. “Chinese search engine giant Baidu has launched what it says is the world’s largest Chinese natural language processing (NLP) database, among several other artificial intelligence (AI) products, as it seeks to diversify its revenue sources. NLP is a branch of AI involved in making computers understand the way humans naturally talk and type online, turning such information into structured data for further analysis.”

Phys .org: Big data delivers important new tool in conservation decision making. “The Harry Butler Institute has collaborated with researchers around the world to develop a new tool to inform conservation decisions across Europe. The research is poised to have a direct and immediate impact—on both science and practice.” Good late evening, Internet…

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