Poland Women Artists, Michigan Superintendent Salaries, Veteran Graves, More: Thursday Evening ResearchBuzz, August 27, 2020


Hyperallergic: Writing the Untold Stories of Polish Women Artists. “Not Yet Written Stories is a collaboration between the Arton Foundation, the Croatian Office for Photography, SCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Ljubljana and the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. The project aims to expand the Forgotten Heritage database and organize a series of exhibitions and workshops. A conference about female European artists is tentatively scheduled for spring 2021 and will culminate in a publication.”

WXYZ: New database shows salaries of superintendents of districts across Michigan . “You can now see how much school districts across Michigan spend on superintendent compensation via an updated database from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The database reports how much districts spent on superintendent compensation, including salary, insurance, pension and other benefits.”


WMDT: Historic Salisbury cemetery receives state recognition, new database for veterans graves. “A Victorian-era cemetery in Salisbury has been recognized at the state level and it’s all thanks to some 21st century technology. ‘The thing with being a veteran is you’re forgotten when no one ever speaks your name again,’ says Carol Smith with the Parsons Advisory Committee. A recently finished project will help ensure the more than 12-hundred veterans buried in Salisbury’s Parsons Cemetery won’t be forgotten.”

Coywolf News: Apple showing signs it may soon launch a search engine to compete against Google Search . “Regulatory pressure, a contentious relationship with Google, and the maturation of Apple’s Siri and iCloud are presenting an opportunity for Apple to create and launch a search engine. There are several signs right now that indicate Apple may be doing just that.”


San Francisco Chronicle: Worried about Bay Area smoke? Here’s how to look up the air quality in your microclimate . “The air over much of the Bay Area is generally clean, thanks to ocean breezes. But when the skies fill with wildfire smoke, that changes. For your health and safety, it’s vital to know the latest air quality information in your community. But it can be hard to find, especially since the Bay Area has so many microclimates. Here is a guide to resources that can help you monitor and understand your local air quality.” This article was written for people in the Bay Area, but it has plenty of resources for California in general and a couple for the entire United States.


Brown University: Introducing theKEEPER: A Digital Archive of Womxn in Hip Hop. “Brown University Postdoctoral Fellow Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo (aka SAMMUS) has been working on theKEEPER: A Digital Archive of Womxn in Hip Hop this summer as part of a team of artists, scholars, and activists led by Akua Naru, a performing artist who was also an artist-in-residence through Brown University’s Center for the Study of Race and Enthinicty in America in Fall 2019.”

The Tab: ‘It’s like my baby’: This is what it’s like to run a celebrity fan account with 100k followers. “Becca is just one of the thousands of Timothée Chalamet fan accounts. A drop in the ocean. An even smaller drop in the abyss of total fan accounts: there are hundreds for each celeb. Name any celeb, there will be a stan account out there – even if it’s lingering about in the Instagram nether with a weird username, 60 followers, and hasn’t posted since 2013. You’ve probably stumbled upon fan accounts before, likely when you’re perusing the Insta search function to follow a certain celeb. You might even already follow some. But behind the scenes, these accounts are borne out of hard work and a deep appreciation for the celebrities they’re based on.”

Internet Archive, and this one is a real wow: An Archive of a Different Type . “Imagine being so well-known for your craft that letters addressed to ‘Mr. Typewriter, New York’ would get delivered by the Post Office to your door. Imagine you mount a letter wrong while crafting a typewriter, and it causes a country (Burma) to change that letter to accommodate your mistake. Or that, through decades, your expert testimony about the accuracy of a brand of typewriter and the characters it types means the difference between guilt, incarceration, freedom or the swapping of fortunes. Such was the life of Pearl and Martin Tytell, of Tytell Typewriter. From a shop on Fulton Street of NYC from 1938 to 2000, the couple oversaw not just endless consultations and repairs, but fabrications and projects that were revolutions in themselves.”


Gizmodo: Even Google Employees Found Google’s Privacy Settings Confusing. “By 2018, Google mastered the art of obscuring privacy settings to the degree that even some Google employees didn’t know how location privacy settings worked, according to an Arizona consumer fraud lawsuit (now with fewer redactions) shows. As the Arizona Mirror first noticed, the complaint contains messages between Googlers venting that the company’s privacy settings are — even for the exact people most likely to understand them — a ‘mess.'”

BNN Bloomberg: U.S. Antitrust Case Against Google Zeroes In On ‘Tying’ Products. “Government officials building an antitrust case against Google are investigating whether the company engages in tying, the practice of bundling different products together in a way that can block out competitors and give the seller an unfair advantage.” Good evening, Internet…

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