Video Game Data, Asian-American Anti-Racism, Twitter, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 7, 2020


Game World Observer: GameDataCrunch: new website that collects and contextualizes data about games. “The data is pulled from Steam and a number of sites that track and interpret the public data about games. While these specialized sites typically focus on a particular kind of data, GameDataCrunch combines all the relevant metrics and puts them into context enabling users to make informed business and design decisions. The stats are updated every 24 hours.”

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: UCLA Research Center Develops Online Anti-Racism Hub Focusing on Asian Americans. “A new website known as the Movement Hub was developed by the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge (CNK) to serve as a centralized platform to amplify on-the-ground activism and organizing by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The website offers resources for and by AAPI organizations to promote cross-racial unity.”


TechCrunch: Twitter is building ‘Birdwatch,’ a system to fight misinformation by adding more context to tweets . “Twitter is developing a new product called ‘Birdwatch,’ which the company confirms is an attempt at addressing misinformation across its platform by providing more context for tweets, in the form of notes.”

The Drum: Google introduces Workspace to compete with Slack and Microsoft Teams. “Google has begun rebranding its G Suite office apps as Google Workspace, refreshing the look and feel of a product range that encompasses Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets and Calendar. More than just a visual refresh, the changes include new features designed to better integrate each app, as well as introducing a ’Business Plus’ pricing tier with more device management features.”


Wired: How to Start Streaming on Twitch. “YOU MIGHT THINK you have to be a pro gamer to get started with Twitch, but that’s not true. Everyone from artists and musicians to comedians and crafters have channels where they create, entertain—and, yes, even play games for their audience. Here’s how to find yours, and how to watch ours.”


New York Times: Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal. “This account is based on court documents and dozens of interviews with people who followed the stalking scandal closely, including six who worked in Global Security and Resilience. The scheme they describe was both completely malevolent and remarkably inept — full of daft assumptions on the part of eBay about a plot that did not exist. It stands as a warning about how easily tech companies can feel aggrieved, and the mayhem that can ensue when they do. And it vividly shows how the internet makes people crazy, often without them ever realizing it.”

CNET: Move over, Instagram influencers: The magic of TikTok is authenticity. “With people spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a noticeable shift in the kinds of content posted online. These days, you won’t see many photos of sunny Hawaiian vacations or over-the-top parties. Instead, platforms like TikTok have flooded social media feeds with pajama-clad, makeup-free creators trying to stay entertained by posting everything from simple skits to rants to candid moments.”

The Eastern Door: Preserving History Through Beadwork Project. “The Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center (KOR) recently launched the Kahnawake Beadwork Oral History Project, which seeks to collect, preserve and share the community’s stories and records related to beadwork. “The purpose of the project is for cultural community enrichment, historical preservation and scholarly research,” said Karonhiióstha Shea Sky, the former cultural development officer at KOR.”


ZDNet: Supreme Court takes on Google vs. Oracle: The biggest software development case ever. “Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and other issues, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will finally hold oral arguments in Google v. Oracle on Oct. 7, 2020. This case will decide, without exaggeration, the future of software development and billions of dollars.”


ScienceBlog: Why Writing By Hand Makes Kids Smarter. “Professor Audrey van der Meer at NTNU believes that national guidelines should be put into place to ensure that children receive at least a minimum of handwriting training. Results from several studies have shown that both children and adults learn more and remember better when writing by hand. Now another study confirms the same: choosing handwriting over keyboard use yields the best learning and memory.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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