Another brief hiatus

Hi. My Granny fell again. She broke her arm. She’s still at the hospital and I don’t know what our next move is. I’m at home and am going to take the rest of the day and try to think about something else. RB and BC will start fresh tomorrow.

As a reminder, if you’re a Patreon patron and you want a refund just email me. Everybody’s going through tough times right now and I don’t want anyone to feel ripped off or underserved. I want RB to be only a good, positive force.

Hug your people. I love you.

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  1. I’m so sorry to read this. Good luck to your Granny and to you. So appreciate Research Buzz. Thanks for all the work you do.

    • So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Take care of her and of yourself. We’re thinking of you and are grateful for all the work you do.

  2. I would never ask for a refund! You already over-deliver! I hope she mends quickly. A sad reminder that even with Covid and all the rest the single greatest cause of injury to the elderly in the USA on any given day is… fallng.

  3. Thank you for all that you have provided. Please don’t feel guilty and take as much time as you need. Family should always come first.

  4. With so many hopes for healing for your grandmother! And many strong thoughts for your own peace and strength in helping her! Take all the time you need; be safe!!

  5. Take care of yourself and many healing thoughts for your grandmother. If anyone deserves a break, it is you 🙂

  6. You have given my several lifetimes worth of information. Stay away as long as you need to. My token monthly payments will continue. Indefinitely.

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