BIPOC Reading Lists, Canada Indigenous Culture, Colorado Black History, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, February 26, 2021


JSTOR Daily: JSTOR Companion to the Schomburg Center’s Black Liberation Reading List. “To meet the need for content related to racism, anti-racism, and Black voices, JSTOR has created a complementary, extensive open library to support readers and scholars seeking to engage with BIPOC+Q-authored reading lists, starting with a unique set of resources related to the Schomburg Center’s Black Liberation Reading List.”

Thanks to Paul P. for the heads-up! Library and Archives Canada: A new Google map to search for Indigenous-related collection items. “Over the past three years, We Are Here: Sharing Stories has digitized and described over 590,000 images of archival and published materials related to First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation….In order to make it easier to locate recently digitized Indigenous heritage content at LAC, we have created a searchable list of the collections and introduced a Google map feature – allowing users to browse archival materials by geographic region!”

University of Colorado Colorado Springs Communique: New online tool offers ‘Tour of Colorado Black History’. “The tour focuses on places of significance to Black Americans, featuring such places as Winks Panorama, or Winks Lodge, the town of Dearfield and more.” Brief but nicely done.


Ubergizmo: Twitter Has Brought Back Its ‘Review Before You Tweet’ Feature. “There are a lot of things we say in the heat of the moment that on hindsight probably shouldn’t have been said. Thankfully in this digital age, we have the option of being able to take our time to compose our replies before sending it, but in case that still fails, Twitter has your back and wants to stop you from tweeting something you might regret.”

The Verge: DC Comics is launching a podcast universe on Spotify. “DC is launching another universe to tell its superhero stories — but this time, it’s not on HBO Max or Cartoon Network: it’s on Spotify. The publisher is working on nine shows for Spotify, including shows about Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Riddler, Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane, and more — although DC creative director Jim Lee didn’t give too much more information about what those shows entail right now.”


Smithsonian Magazine: How to Keep Up With NASA’s Perseverance Rover as It Explores Mars. “Helping Perseverance complete its mission are several key science instruments. The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter marks the first attempt at a powered, controlled flight on another planet that hopes to give a birds-eye view of the rover’s mission, and the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) aims to convert air from Mars’ carbon dioxide-heavy atmosphere into oxygen. For those who found the images, video and audio from the rover’s Mars expedition that came out this week, stay in touch with ‘Percy’ and its journey with our collection of experts to follow and resources to use.”


Deutsche Welle: The conspiracy business: How to make money with fake news. “Many conspiracy theories are peddled by people or organizations that are also selling something other than just crazy ideas. So, is there profit in conspiracy theorizing?”

New School News: MS Data Visualization Collaborates with the Smithsonian Museum for Digital Archive Project. “In the first semester of the MS Data Viz program, students always collaborate with an external data partner in order to explore real-world visualization projects, which in the past has meant partnerships with the UN Poverty Lab and The Met Museum. Recently, the Smithsonian Institute launched their Open Access initiative, releasing 2.8 million images, metadata, and research data sets into the public domain, which made them an ideal partner for the Data Viz program.”


Reuters: India plans new social media controls after Twitter face-off. “Chafing from a dispute with Twitter, India plans to oblige social media companies to erase contentious content fast and assist investigations, according to a draft regulation.”

South China Morning Post: Chinese blogger Qiu Ziming charged over ‘malicious’ India border casualty posts. “Police in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing have detained a popular blogger over social media posts that authorities say demeaned military casualties of a border clash with India.”


EurekAlert: Exercise caution after working out in virtual reality. “Virtual ‘exergaming’ has become a popular way to exercise – especially among younger people – since the release of virtual reality (VR) fitness games on consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation. But while VR is undoubtedly raising fitness games to a whole new level, researchers at the University of South Australia are cautioning players about the potential side effects of VR, particularly in the first hour after playing.”

Liam O’Dell: It’s time to tackle the creator apathy underpinning poor access online . “It’s not enough to simply rely on automated accessibility tools – social media platforms must be incentivising their users to provide access themselves, to dismantle creator apathy.” Good morning, Internet…

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