Courtney Barnett, Windows Updates, TweetDeck, More: Wednesday Evening ResearchBuzz, March 10, 2021


NME: Courtney Barnett launches new live performance archive. “Courtney Barnett has launched a new website and archival project that documents the songwriter’s live performances over the last decade and a half. The new site allows fans to extensively explore Barnett’s prolific touring history, featuring live videos, full concert desk mixes, backstage photos, show posters and more.”


Neowin: Here’s what’s new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this Patch Tuesday. “We’re already three months deep into 2021, and as we reach the second Tuesday of March, that means it’s time once again for Microsoft to update every supported version of Windows. Naturally, the most recent versions of Windows 10 are getting updates, but Windows 8.1 is also still supported. And, for businesses paying for extended security updates, so is Windows 7.”

The Verge: Twitter is working on a ‘big overhaul’ of TweetDeck. “Twitter is actively working on a ‘big overhaul’ of its TweetDeck platform, which lets you arrange lists and feeds into easy-to-read vertical rows, and it plans to share more about the project publicly later this year, product chief Kayvon Beykpour said in an interview with The Verge published Tuesday.”


Spotted via Reddit (I think) and apparently launching next month: NFT Hub. From the front page: “NFT Hub hosts monthly exhibits that feature the most interesting digital assets. We aim to show a curated collection of NFTs, along with their histories, their owners, and their prices.” Of course, I think the countdown date resolves to April 1st, so this could be crap. If it is I apologize for putting crap on your radar.

Canadian Running: Social media is changing track and field for the better. “Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are providing greater access to the sport for fans, and allowing athletes to promote themselves in a way they never could before.”


CBS News: Immigrant rights groups sue facial-recognition company Clearview AI. “Two immigrant-rights groups in California are suing Clearview AI, claiming the face-recognition company violates privacy laws by building the largest database of human faces in the nation and providing law enforcement with the database even in cities that have banned facial recognition.”

ZDNet: Malicious apps on Google Play dropped banking Trojans on user devices. “On Tuesday, Check Point Research (CPR) said in a blog post that the Android applications appear to have been submitted by the same threat actor who created new developer accounts for each app. The dropper was loaded into otherwise innocent-looking software and each of the 10 apps were utilities, including Cake VPN, Pacific VPN, BeatPlayer, QR/Barcode Scanner MAX, and QRecorder.”

Courthouse News Service: EU High Court Finds Embedded Images Can Violate Copyright Rules. “If copyright holders take steps to prevent their works from being embedded on third-party websites, doing so violates European Union law, the bloc’s top court ruled Tuesday.”


EurekAlert: Geological engineers create landslide atlas of Kerala, India. “Dedicated to the thousands of lives lost in landslides, the new atlas assesses landslide risk in 13 districts in the Indian state of Kerala. The Western Ghats trailing the western edge of India are a global hotspot for biodiversity. The southern reach of the range extends into Kerala, where the steep slopes, soft soils and heavy monsoon rains greatly increase the risk of landslides.”

Newswise: Someone to watch over AI and keep it honest – and it’s not the public!. “The public doesn’t need to know how Artificial Intelligence works to trust it. They just need to know that someone with the necessary skillset is examining AI and has the authority to mete out sanctions if it causes or is likely to cause harm.” Good evening, Internet…

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