Sofia (Bulgaria) Architecture, Vivaldi Browser, Cricut, More: Wednesday Evening ResearchBuzz, March 17, 2021


Visit Sofia (Bulgaria): Sofia Municipality is creating a digital archive of photos of old Sofia. “All photos were taken in the period 1976 – 1977 and are part of a proposal for a declaration of architectural monuments of culture from the period 1878 – 1944 in Sofia known as the ‘Blue Book’ of the NIICH. Photos of buildings located on 15 streets and squares have been published, and other photos will be added in the coming weeks.”


BetaNews: Vivaldi 3.7 promises performance gains on desktop, improves Bookmark Manager on mobile. “Vivaldi Technologies has unveiled Vivaldi 3.7 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The challenger web browser’s main focus in this new release is performance on desktop, while Android users gain improvements to the Bookmarks Manager as well as onboarding pages to introduce new versions as well as welcome new users to the app.”

Ars Technica: Cricut backs off plan to add subscription fee to millions of devices [Updated]. “Yet another company that makes Internet-connected devices is drawing the wrath of customers by demanding a monthly subscription fee long after users have already sunk hundreds of dollars into its products. This time around, the company is Cricut, which just told customers they’ll lose the ability to upload more than a few patterns per month unless they start paying up.” Cricut backed off after several days of the Internet screaming at them.


Genealogy’s Star: Genealogy: Ethics, Ownership, Work Product, Plagiarism, and Privacy, Part One. “Over the past almost 40 years of doing genealogical research and interacting with the genealogical community, I have encountered the same issues over and over again. These issues are summarized by concerns involving ethics, ownership, work product, plagiarism, and privacy…. This post is intended to explore all five of these issues. Over the course of this series, I hope to address some of the day-to-day considerations involving genealogists and the four interrelated topics.”


E&E News: Interior scrubs old pro-Trump tweets . “The Interior Department has put away some Trump-era tweets that officials now say strayed too far into political territory. Citing restrictions on the use of government social media sites, Interior acknowledged to E&E News that it had scrubbed certain overtly pro-Trump messages from the official @Interior handle.” The tweets have been preserved, just deleted as active tweets.


Boing Boing: security.txt is like robots.txt, but for security policies. “Many websites have a robots.txt, a plain-text file that tells search engines to ignore certain files and folders on the site. Security.txt is a proposed standard to do likewise with security policies.”

Gothamist: NYPD Rejects City Council Request To Release More Internal Misconduct Records. “Over the last several months, the NYPD has insisted that it is working to increase transparency and accountability ahead of an April 1st state deadline for police reforms. But at a City Council hearing on Tuesday, the NYPD’s leadership declined to publish more comprehensive data on police misconduct investigations.”

Engadget: Apple will abide by Russian law by offering government-approved apps. “Apple has reportedly agreed to show Russian users a prompt to preinstall some apps when they’re first using an iPhone or other device. If a user doesn’t select one of the government-approved apps, it won’t be installed, according to newspaper Vedomosti. The company is said to have agreed to the measure to abide by a law that comes into effect on April 1st.”


The Next Web: We need more AI product owners, not data scientists. “In this article, I share my perspective on the importance and required skills of AI POs [AI Product Owner]. Instead of staffing AI Product development teams only with Data Scientists, AI POs increase the chances of successfully developing AI Products. The article describes how to build successful AI Product Teams, the role of an AI PO, and study resources to become one. First, let’s analyze the roles of a traditional Product Owner and an AI Product Owner.”

EurekAlert: 20 years of research on the use of virtual reality in education. “An analysis published in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning highlights 20 years of research on the use of virtual reality (VR) in K-12 schools and higher education.” Good evening, Internet…

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