Sotiris Felios Collection, Ohio University, PowerPoint, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 21, 2021


Ekathimerini: Felios Collection added to Google Arts & Culture platform. “Founded in the 1980s, The Sotiris Felios Collection, based in Athens, is a unique collection of contemporary art focused on the human figure. The Collection belongs to ‘The other Arcadia’ Foundation and offers a rich overview of the most important contemporary artists living and working in Greece, as well as leading artists whose creations forge a link between the past century and the present day.” 195 items have been put online, with more on the way.


Ohio University: University Libraries joins HathiTrust. “In terms of HathiTrust implementation at University Libraries, the OHIO community now has access to the digital versions of materials that the University Libraries owns in print, which have been digitized by a HathiTrust member. The University Libraries will also have the option of digitizing and depositing new texts into HathiTrust to increase access to those materials and preserve them for the future.”

Ubergizmo: Microsoft Introduces New Tool That Lets You Practice PowerPoint Presentations. “If you feel like you need the practice, you’re in luck because Microsoft has since announced that they will be bringing its Presenter Coach to its desktop and mobile version of PowerPoint. For those unfamiliar, Presenter Coach is basically a presentation practicing tool that was available on the web version of PowerPoint, but now Microsoft has expanded it to cover more platforms so you’ll be able to practice even if you’re on the move.”


Popular Photography: Best flash drive: Store your files swiftly and securely. “Whether you’re looking to store a ton of files, transfer them as quickly as possible, protect your data with military-grade encryption, or transfer files from your iPhone to a laptop, there’s a wide variety of options at your disposal. You can even find waterproof drives that will survive an ill-advised dip in the ocean. So how do you pick the best flash drive when there are hundreds (if not thousands) of choices that all sound the same?”

CNET: Which internet speed test should you use to test your connection at home?. “Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep an eye on your home’s internet speeds and that’s with an internet speed test. You’ve got lots of free options online to choose from and might even be able to run one from the same app that you used to set up your router. In most cases, running a test is as easy as pressing ‘Go.'”


New York Times: How Crying on TikTok Sells Books. “An app known for serving up short videos on everything from dance moves to fashion tips, cooking tutorials and funny skits, TikTok is not an obvious destination for book buzz. But videos made mostly by women in their teens and 20s have come to dominate a growing niche under the hashtag #BookTok, where users recommend books, record time lapses of themselves reading, or sob openly into the camera after an emotionally crushing ending.”

NPR: Venture Aims To ‘Resurrect And Reimagine’ Anti-Slavery Newspaper For The 21st Century. “The summer of 2020 ignited a wave of nationwide protests and renewed calls for racial justice across the U.S. Now, a new media platform aims to be at the forefront of that push. The Boston Globe and Boston University Center for Antiracist Research are partnering to launch The Emancipator, a resurrection of an early 19th-century abolitionist newspaper that its contemporary founders hope will reframe the national conversation in an effort to ‘hasten racial justice.'”


Reuters: UK antitrust regulator prepares to investigate Facebook – FT. “Britain’s competition regulator is set to begin an antitrust investigation into Facebook Inc in the next few months, after similar actions into Google and Apple early this year, Financial Times reported on Friday.”

Twitter Blog: An update on Twitter in Turkey. “In our continuing effort to provide our service in Turkey, we have closely reviewed the recently amended Internet Law No. 5651. To ensure that Twitter remains available for all who use it in Turkey, we have decided to establish a legal entity. In coming to this decision, we were guided by our core mission: defending open, public conversation and ensuring our service is available to people everywhere.”

Mike Shouts: Holy Mother Of… Smartphone Can Decipher The Shape Of A House Key. “Acoustic cryptanalysis, for those who aren’t familiar, is the analysis of sounds of, say, a computer or device, to determine what someone is typing based on each click of the keyboard. I know. It sounds totally creepy and it is more creepy when you know this form of security attack can be used to decipher the ‘biting’ of house keys too. If that does not creep you out, wait till you hear that it is totally doable through recording a key turning using a regular smartphone.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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