Climate Change Indicators, University of Portland Newspapers, Facebook, More: 23RD ANNIVERSARY Tuesday ResearchBuzz, April 20, 2021

Happy birthday to – US!
Happy birthday to – US!
Happy birthday to – ResearchBuzz and everybody who reads ittttt
Happy birthday to – US!

I just find the stuff. Y’all are the ones who put it to use, do your research, answer your questions, share with interested parties. YOU are the ones who get this information where it needs to go, and I am so grateful to you!



International Monetary Fund: IMF Launches Climate Change Indicators Dashboard. “The Dashboard is a single platform that brings together experimental climate change indicators that allows comparison across countries. The indicators have been developed in cooperation with international organizations and other agencies including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank Group (WBG), the United Nations (UN), the European Commission, the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).”

The Beacon (University of Portland): Let’s get digital: Library facility digitizes student newspaper collections. “Nothing is forever, and that includes paper. As decades old student newspapers yellow and become frail, they become harder and harder to flip through. In order to preserve a history unique to the University of Portland, library faculty members took on the project of digitizing the entirety of student newspapers in UP’s history, The Columbiad and The Beacon. A year and a half after receiving a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission, the entirety of these collections is now digitized and available through the library’s digital collections.”


The Verge: Facebook is making it easier to export text posts. “Facebook is rolling out a new feature today, allowing users across the globe to have the option to archive their posts and notes created on the social media site and transfer a copy of that data onto Google Docs, WordPress, or Blogger.”

BBC: Parler set to return to Apple’s App Store. “Apple is to allow the controversial social media app Parler, a popular platform with far-right supporters, back onto its App Store. The app was pulled following the deadly US Capitol riots on 6 January. In a letter to two Republican lawmakers on Monday, Apple said Parler had made updates to its app and content moderation policy that would lead to it being reinstated.”


Digital Inspiration: How to Perform IP Address Lookup with Google Sheets. “IP2Location is another good alternative that retrieves more detailed geolocation information for any IP address. The IP location lookup service can retrieve the client’s country, city name, region, the ISP name and more. If you have a bulk list of IP addresses, you can use Google Sheets to estimate the corresponding geographic details for each of the addresses in few easy steps.”


The Trinity Tripod: Instagram Art Accounts for Your Feed Enrichment. “There’s something profoundly refreshing about Instagram accounts that aren’t trying to sell you something, convince you of something, or brag to you about something. That being said, here are my top five art or creatively-centered accounts to check out in your spare time, though I encourage you to do your own searching based on your interests. I promise it’s worth it.”

University of Houston: UH Receives Mellon Foundation Grant to Establish Puerto Rican Literature Database. “The University of Houston has received a nearly $1.35 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to establish a free, open-access digital portal for anyone to learn about or teach Puerto Rican literature.”

Huck: The digital archive unearthing queer Arab history. “Lebanese artist and designer Marwan Kaabour discusses his new Instagram account devoted to documenting LGBTQ+ narratives in Arab history and popular culture, which have all too often been cast aside.”


Bloomberg: Senate to Call Spotify, Match at Apple, Google Antitrust Hearing. “Google will send a top policy executive to testify at Wednesday’s Senate app store antitrust hearing, while legal executives from Spotify Technology SA, Tile and Match Group Inc. will serve as witnesses, according to people with knowledge of the matter.”


New School News: MS Data Visualization Collaborates with the Smithsonian Museum for Digital Archive Project. “What Makes a Buddha. A Manifestation of Masks. Smithsonian Rock Ranger. Gender Tagging. While the titles of these projects, plus many more, might not seem like they have anything to do with each other, they are all in fact explorations and interpretations by Parsons MS Data Visualization students of artistic data published by the Smithsonian Institute’s Open Access Policy.” I found these projects very interesting, but you might need to give them a few minutes to load.

Gizmodo Australia: Why The Federal Court Should Throw The Book At Google Over Location Data Tracking . “The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has had a significant win against Google. The Federal Court found Google misled some Android users about how to disable personal location tracking…. We believe Google’s behaviour should not be treated as a simple accident, and the Federal Court should issue a heavy fine to deter Google and other companies from behaving this way in future.”


Screen Rant: How To Find Google Search’s NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Easter Egg. “Google is no stranger to hiding Easter eggs in Search and now there’s one to celebrate NASA’s historic Ingenuity Mars helicopter flight.” Good morning, Internet…

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