Milwaukee Punk Music, Toontown Rewritten Preservation Project, Oil & Gas Emissions Data, More: Saturday Evening ResearchBuzz, June 5, 2021


Milwaukee Record: MKE Punk saved from extinction, updated with new features and more releases. “Much like the shuttered bars and restaurants we mourn, the bands that break up after years of struggling for support, critically acclaimed TV shows that are done in by poor ratings, or discontinued Taco Bell menu items (we miss you so much, 7-Layer Burrito!), MKE Punk almost became one of those things we didn’t realize how lucky we were to have until it suddenly vanished. ‘Almost’ is the operative term.”

Screen Rant: Disney’s Toontown Is Being Preserved By Fans For Its 18th Birthday. “Toontown Rewritten’s Preservation Project serves as a fan-made online time capsule for the beloved game in conjunction with the playable modern remake, Toontown Rewritten, created by the same team of fans by repurposing original assets and redeveloping servers. While Rewritten was successful in recreating the original charisma and wonderfully colorful visual style of Toontown, this project seeks to archive the history of the production and culture of the MMO. The archive lets fans explore photographs of special-edition Toontown merchandise, newsletters, concept art, and even previews of web pages from the original Toontown site.”

Environment+Energy Leader: New Tool Offers Investors Ability to Directly Compare Emissions from 300 US Oil & Gas Companies. “A new analysis from Ceres and the Clean Air Task Force allows investors to directly compare emissions intensity and total reported emissions for US oil and gas producers. The analysis used publicly available data to develop comparable metrics that highlight the GHG [greenhouse gas] performance of nearly 300 onshore oil and gas producers in the US.”


CNET: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge join forces to improve browser extensions. “The teams behind the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers have banded together to improve extensions, the add-ons you can download to customize the software. That should mean your extensions will work better and come with a better security foundation to protect you from malware.”

Gulf Times: QDL digitises 2mn pages of historical and cultural heritage. “The Qatar Digital Library (QDL), the world’s largest digital archive on the history of the Middle East uploaded its two-millionth page this month, a major milestone in Qatar National Library’s (QNL) efforts to preserve and share the region’s history and heritage. Launched in October 2014 as part of a partnership between QNL, Qatar Foundation and the British Library.”

Engadget: Facebook will give creators more info on how people use their images. “Facebook gave creators more control over use of their images in the fall, and now they’ll have a better idea of how those images are being used — legitimately or otherwise. The social network is rolling out an Insights tab in Rights Manager that includes stats for matched images, such as how well images are performing (including likes and comments) and the demographics of viewers.”


FedTech: History of Lorem Ipsum. “Have you ever seen the term Lorem Ipsum on a new website? Perhaps you have even tried entering it on Google Translate, but no sensible results came through. Most people who see it the first time think they are in the wrong address only to refresh and come back to the same page. But, what is this mysterious text that you see on pages?”

BBC: Rescuers question what3words’ use in emergencies. “Mountain rescuers have questioned the accuracy of using a location app, citing dozens of examples where the wrong address was given to their teams. What3Words (W3W) divides the world into three-by-three metre squares, each with a three-word address. It is free and used by 85% of UK emergency services.”


Bay Area Reporter: LGBTQ Agenda: GLAAD finds major social media sites ‘unsafe’ for LGBTQ users . “GLAAD recently announced the findings of its first-ever index of LGBTQ user safety on social media, determining that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are ‘effectively unsafe’ due to harassment of, and misinformation about, the queer community.”

Arab News: India warns of clampdown on social media firms over failure to follow new rules. “Companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have reportedly failed to abide by rules highlighted in the Gazette of India on Feb. 25 under intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code regulations….the rules state that leading social media firms must appoint a resident grievance officer, a chief compliance officer, and a nodal contact person, and are required to document how grievances were filed and settled.” Good evening, Internet…

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