Penn State Olympians, Caribbean Slavery, Clubhouse, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 25, 2021


Penn State News: Libraries’ digital exhibit highlights Penn State participation at Olympics. “‘Olympic Lions: A History of Penn State’s Participation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ digital exhibit, now open for viewing, uses the most inclusive definition of a Penn Stater as it looks at the University’s history of Olympic involvement. Whether an athlete competed as a Nittany Lion during their college career or came to the University later in life as a coach or faculty member, Penn State’s involvement in the Olympics spans more than a century.”

British Library: Help trace the stories of enslaved people in the Caribbean using colonial newspapers . “We are excited to launch a new crowdsourcing project that explores the links between slavery and newspapers in late 18th and early 19th century Barbados: Agents of Enslavement: Colonial newspapers in the Caribbean and hidden genealogies of the enslaved. This project will examine the extent to which newspapers facilitated and challenged the practice of slavery. It will also help to reveal the identities, networks, and acts of resistance of enslaved people hidden within these printed texts.”


Tubefilter: Clubhouse Will No Longer Require Invites From Existing Users, Unveils New Logo. “After 16 months, Clubhouse is formally emerging from beta — meaning that the app will be open to everyone on both iOS and Android without requiring an invitation from existing users.”

BetaNews: Yet another Windows update is causing yet more printer problems. “Microsoft has issued a warning that the July security updates released by the company can lead to printing and scanning issues. The problem affects not only Windows 10, but also Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server.”


MakeUseOf: How to View, Edit, and Add Metadata to a Photo. “Metadata can provide descriptive information about a photo, such as its caption, title, author, how the image was taken, or legal information. Also, if you publish some of your work online, the metadata offers information regarding usage rights and acts as proof of ownership. So, how can you add metadata to your photos? Let’s find out.”


Georgia State University: Georgia State Library Special Collections and Archives Uncovers Previously Unknown Photos of Amelia Earhart’s 1934 Visit to Atlanta. “Previously unknown photos of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to pilot an airplane solo across the Atlantic Ocean, during her visit to Atlanta in 1934 have been discovered in the Georgia State University Library’s Special Collections and Archives.”


The Guardian: Negative criticism: can the surge in Google review defamation cases be stopped?. “Google review defamation cases have been on the rise in Australia in the past few years, but recent changes to the law are likely to limit the number of cases reaching court.”


CNET: Deepfake version of young Paul McCartney reveals himself to be… Beck?. “He’s a Beatle, baby, not a loser this time. In a new video using deepfake technology, what appears to be a younger, so much younger than today version of Paul McCartney is seen dancing through a hotel hallway and other scenes.”

The Conversation: AI spots shipwrecks from the ocean surface – and even from the air. “In collaboration with the United States Navy’s Underwater Archaeology Branch, I taught a computer how to recognize shipwrecks on the ocean floor from scans taken by aircraft and ships on the surface. The computer model we created is 92% accurate in finding known shipwrecks. The project focused on the coasts of the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico. It is now ready to be used to find unknown or unmapped shipwrecks.”

Engadget: Corning’s new Gorilla Glass protects smartphone cameras while letting in more light. “Having conquered phone displays, Corning is bringing Gorilla Glass to handset cameras. The company’s DX and DX+ range of damage-resistant glass will next be available for mobile camera lens covers, starting with Samsung devices. Alongside the added protection, Corning claims its tech can improve the optical performance of smartphone cameras.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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