Utah Frontier Women, Blackhaven, George III’s Maps, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, July 26, 2021


Brigham Young University: Curious about Utah’s frontier women? Browse BYU’s new database of women’s newspaper ads . “A single bottle of tonic to cure diabetes, cancer, ulcers and dizziness. Raisins and currants for Christmas mince meat pies. Midwifery courses taught by a certified female doctor, $30 a term. A souvenir stone from the Hill Cumorah, ‘guaranteed genuine,’ mailed from New York for 25 cents. This list represents just a sampling of the goods and services advertised to Utah frontier women in the Woman’s Exponent, the preeminent woman’s newspaper published in Salt Lake City from 1872 to 1914 to share local and general news, household tips and educational materials.”

UConn Today: DMD Professor’s ‘Blackhaven’ Game Lets Players Unravel Mysteries of the Past. “The lingering mysteries of America’s Colonial past are the subject of a historically-themed video game, ‘Blackhaven,’ a historically-themed video game being released in late July on the online gaming platform Steam by a new professor in the Digital Media & Design (DMD) department. James Coltrain joined DMD as an assistant professor of Game Art and 3D Modeling last fall and with his studio, Historiated Games, uses documents, images, and artifacts to develop historically accurate narrative titles.”

British Library: George III’s maps and views: 32,000 images released on Flickr Commons. “In October 2020 we released 17,000 images of maps and views from George III’s Topographical Collection on the images-sharing site Flickr Commons, which seems to have kept you busy. Well, from today, you can find an additional 32,000 images, comprising George III’s collection of atlases and albums of views, plans, diagrams, reports and surveys, produced between 1550 and 1820. These have been uploaded to Flickr with a Public Domain attribution for you to search, browse, download, reuse, study and enjoy.”


Ars Technica: Google is finally doing something about Google Drive spam. “Google officially acknowledged the problem back in 2019, and the company said it was making spam controls ‘a priority.’ Now, more than two years later, Google is finally rolling out the most basic of spam tools to Google Drive sharing—you can block individual email addresses!”

CNET: FaceTime gets an upgrade in iOS 15. Here are 6 new features you can try with friends. “With these key updates to FaceTime, it seems Apple doesn’t want Zoom to take all the success. Some of the features do indeed go some way to make FaceTime more like Zoom, while other features — like SharePlay — are all new and could offer great new ways of virtually hanging out with friends.”


Lifehacker: 5 Ways to Download Music From YouTube. “YouTube’s music collection is unparalleled—so many songs and albums missing from every other service are often available on YouTube. That’s why, if you find yourself in a situation where you want an offline copy of an obscure song that you can’t find anywhere else, downloading songs from YouTube might be your only option. Luckily, you can do it, and we’ll show you how across a variety of platforms.” Slideshow.


Mashable: Tesla channels old school sorority values by policing customers’ social media posts. “Tesla’s solar power division, Tesla Energy, reportedly has a team of 20 employees that acts as the company’s own standards board. It scours the internet looking for complaints against the company and, according to former employees speaking to Business Insider, they are instructed to ‘politely ask customers to delete their social media complaints.'”

New York Times: Facebook’s Next Target: The Religious Experience. “Facebook, which recently passed $1 trillion in market capitalization, may seem like an unusual partner for a church whose primary goal is to share the message of Jesus. But the company has been cultivating partnerships with a wide range of faith communities over the past few years, from individual congregations to large denominations, like the Assemblies of God and the Church of God in Christ.”


KGW: Washington couple sued for $112,000 after leaving one-star reviews . “When Autumn Knepper and Adam Marsh’s roof started to leak at their Vancouver home a few months ago, their landlord sent over Executive Roof Services (ERS) to check it out. An employee came, looked in the attic and said there were a few spots to fix.” I experienced REALLY LOUD AUTOPLAY VIDEO on this page, so be careful if you’re wearing headphones.

Neowin: Fake Windows 11 installers are being used to distribute malware. “This distribution of Windows 11 via fake installers isn’t sophisticated by any means. It relies on people downloading a shady installer and then clicking through the terms and conditions without reading them to initiate the installation.”


Analytics Insight: Top 10 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools In 2021. “Natural Language Processing is the fastest-growing subset of AI that applies linguistics and computer science to make human language understandable to machines. There are new advancements every year. New tools of NLP are evolving and the old ones are being updated with more developed features. Before going with the top 10 NLP tools services, it is important to mention that all the tools are either recently released or are upgraded with new features. The tools named below are free and open-source instruments.”

Washington Post: How addicted are people to social media? We found a way to measure it.. “The average person with Internet access spends 2.5 hours each day on social media, by one estimate, and there are now 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. A natural interpretation of these facts is that social media adds tremendous value to our lives. But anecdotally and in surveys, many people say they spend too much time on social media. Indeed, in surveys we’ve conducted, social media and smartphone use are two of the top five activities where people feel that they have self-control problems (along with exercising, saving money and eating unhealthy food).” Good morning, Internet…

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