Syrian Mosiacs, Google, YouTube, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, August 2, 2021


Ekathimerini: Valuable Syrian mosaics on show in Athens. “An online database of Syrian mosaics is also available and the aim is to use this digital archive for the publication of a single tome. It contains more than 7,500 images of 365 mosaics, a fraction of the large number of artifacts that were brought to light in years of archaeological excavations.”


Search Engine Journal: Google math solver guidelines require accuracy. “Google has added several new technical and content quality guidelines to the math solver structured data help documentation over the weekend. The new guidelines list a number of requirements in order to be able to show math solver and practice problem rich results in Google Search.”

CNET: YouTube tests a cheaper ‘Premium Lite’ subscription tier. “YouTube is testing a budget-friendly version of its Premium subscription plan in Europe. The Google-owned video hosting site’s Premium Lite plan offers ad-free viewing without additional Premium perks like offline downloads and background playback, as noted on ResetEra and Reddit.”


PC World: Online backup: We test the best services—Carbonite, iDrive, Backblaze, Livedrive. “The good news for consumers is that all of the major online backup services we reviewed this year are exceptional products. But while all of the contenders received the same high verdict, each product has its own unique selling point, as you’ll see below. It’s a win-win for consumers, who not only can’t go wrong with any of these excellant products, but can also be exceptionally choosey. Our primary concern here is backup, but we will note other roles that a service can fulfill, such as sharing, multi-device support, or emergency-restore options.”


From The Michigan Daily, which is a paper I recently discovered and I’m enjoying a lot: UMich librarians, archivists and curators reach formal bargaining recognition . “On July 18, librarians, archivists and curators (LACs) on all three University of Michigan campuses were formally recognized as a bargaining unit within the Lecturers Employee Organization, the union of non-tenure-track faculty on all three campuses at the University. The LEO communications committee wrote that this new unit will be called LEO-GLAM, which stands for galleries, libraries, archives and museums, to reflect the heritage and environments in which most LACs work.”

Motherboard: The Truth Is Out There. But This Company Holding UFO Info Won’t Share It. “A private company holds some of Canada’s most compelling UFO data—and it has no interest in sharing it. From air traffic control towers to radar installations, Nav Canada directs thousands of flights per day. That makes the company the first line of contact when professional pilots spot UFOs in Canadian airspace, like on the morning of Oct. 21, 2005, when Nav Canada staff ‘received reports from four aircraft flight crews of a shiny silver object over Toronto.'”


NBC News: ‘I will not be silenced’: Women targeted in hack-and-leak attacks speak out about spyware. “For [Ghada] Oueiss and several other women whose phones were allegedly targeted, a key part of the harassment and intimidation is the use of private photos. While these photos may seem tame by Western standards, they are considered scandalous in conservative societies like Saudi Arabia and were seemingly used to publicly shame these women and smear their reputations.”

BetaNews: New variant of PrintNightmare exploit lets any user gain admin privileges in Windows. “The PrintNightmare vulnerability has indeed proved to be something of a nightmare for Microsoft, and it’s one that shows no signs of coming to an end. Security researchers have unearthed yet another method of exploiting the Windows print spooler vulnerability, making it possible for anyone to gain administrator privileges.”


Daily Beast: How I Know Facebook Can’t Fix the Problems It Profits From. “One would think this urgent global crisis would inspire Facebook, which now has over 2 billion users, global influence, and ownership of Instagram and Whatsapp, to use its immense financial and human resources to proactively and aggressively remove anti-vaccination disinformation and bad faith actors. If you believe this, you also probably think billionaires might spend their obscene wealth during these calamitous times on raising workers’ wages, fighting hunger and investing in infrastructure. Instead, they are locked in a race to escape Earth altogether. And, based on my own experience working with Facebook, I would bet heavily against them ever doing the right thing.”

Mashable: Why women in tech are so angry all the time . “Not every woman in tech will experience such life-threatening fears; we are not one cohesive unit and have all faced different challenges. Some of us have been harassed or put in uncomfortable situations. Some of us have been underpaid, brought in at lower seniority levels, and not promoted. Most of us, however, experience constant microaggressions. Every woman working in tech I know has at least one story that makes your blood boil. But the more you hear these stories and realize that they are everywhere, you feel frozen and trapped.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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