Eastman Johnson, Citizen, Good Posture, More: Tuesday Evening ResearchBuzz, August 3, 2021


National Academy of Design: The National Academy Of Design Announces The Launch Of The Eastman Johnson Catalogue Raisonné, Directed By Dr. Patricia Hills. “The National Academy of Design is pleased to announce the launch of the virtual Eastman Johnson Catalogue Raisonné on July 29, in recognition of the anniversary of the artist’s birthday. In this first phase, the catalogue raisonné is focused on American artist Eastman Johnson’s paintings. Subsequent phases will include the artist’s drawings and prints.”


Mashable: Citizen app launches paid service to monitor you through your phone. “The Citizen Protect service is designed to provide customers with a live, human safety expert on-demand. The company is promoting this as a way to have ‘peace of mind when you’re alone’ or a way to call for help in situations where a customer would not or could not call 911.”


KnowTechie: This app uses your webcam to help correct your posture by monitoring if you slouch. “Sitting down for long periods of time can be pretty bad for your back. Luckily, there’s a desktop app that makes sure you’re posture stays correct while you are sitting down at your computer. Zen is an all-new app that uses your computer’s camera to help keep you in check during long hours in front of your computer screen.”


Tubefilter: The Programming Strategies That Shape The World’s Biggest YouTube Channels. “For 14 or so years, I have been making a living building some of the largest audiences on the YouTube platform. I’ve seen a lot of videos and channels. What I always find the most interesting, though, is that even after all of the time I’ve spent, all of the videos I’ve watched, all of the papers I’ve written here on Tubefilter, all of the conversations I’ve had with other strategists, all of the data analyses and spreadsheets and reports that I’ve presented–there are still new things to discover, analyze, dissect, and share.”

The Verge: K-Pop’s Fandom Platforms Are Changing What It Means To Be An Idol. “Parasocial relationships — a largely one-sided relationship between a fan and a public figure they feel close to due to social media — are everywhere online. And the companies behind some of the biggest acts in K-pop are pioneering a new way to monetize them. They’ve developed online platforms to help K-pop fans feel as though they have direct access to their idol favorites. That access helps shape the way these fans interact with the idol as a form of friendship and how they engage with other fans.”


New York Times: You Anon. “After a decade in which online identity came under increasingly centralized control, in which various digital and offline identities were mingled, and during which personal data became a hot global commodity, control over one’s identity is starting to look more like a threatened privilege than a right. To exist online is to be constantly asked to show yourself.”

The Register: Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship. “Russia has put forward a draft convention to the United Nations ostensibly to fight cyber-crime. The proposal, titled ‘United Nations Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes,’ [PDF] calls for member states to develop domestic laws to punish a far broader set of offenses than current international rules recognize.”


South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Florida’s new social media censorship law is an insult to American values | Opinion. “Gov. DeSantis and other bill supporters frame the law as necessary to protect consumers from arbitrary and unfair discrimination on social media platforms. But everybody knows the real purpose of this law is to retaliate against certain technology companies because of political disagreement with their content moderation decisions.”

New York Times Magazine: The Best Way to Respond to Text Messages . “Though I have my own deep well of need tethered to every joke I attempt, it still makes me anxious when people use ‘LOL’ too generously. Its motive feels questionable, like transactional flattery. When someone sends more than one ‘LOL’ in a text thread, I can’t help thinking this person is about to ask me for a ride to the airport.”

StateTech Magazine: Philadelphia Launches AR Challenge to Improve Navigation of Public Transit. “In late June, the city, one of StateTech’s smart cities to watch, announced a new challenge through its SmartCityPHL program, dubbed ‘SEPTA for All: Augmenting Transit with Augmented Reality.’ The challenge, which just closed to new applications, asks innovators to present their best ideas for increasing accessibility with augmented reality technology.” Good evening, Internet…

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