NASA Perseverance Rover, WhatsApp, Web Crawling, More: Saturday Evening ResearchBuzz, August 7, 2021


Screen Rant: Track NASA’s Perseverance Rover With This Interactive Map. “For those who want to see exactly where the NASA Perseverance rover has been in its search for life on Mars, NASA has developed an interactive map. One of the many goals of the rover mission is to find ancient life on Mars. To do that, the rover will make quite a long journey across the Jezero Crater, covering different terrains and taking some incredible shots along the way.”


Mashable: WhatsApp won’t use Apple’s child abuse image scanner, citing vague privacy fears. “Just because Apple has a plan — and a forthcoming security feature — designed to combat the spread of child sex abuse images, that doesn’t mean everyone’s getting on board. WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart joined the chorus of Apple critics on Friday, stating in no uncertain terms that the Facebook-owned messaging app won’t be adopting this new feature once it launches.”

Search Engine Roundtable: Official Google Crawling Exam. “Google has posted an exam to test your SEO knowledge on crawling. Google said this is to test your knowledge on how Google crawls and indexes websites. This is a true and false test, with explanations on why the answer is right or wrong.”


The Guardian: Avoiding recipe regret: how to record and revive your family recipes. “If some of your family recipes remain unwritten or are scribbled on scraps of paper, here are some ways to record, revive and preserve them to avoid recipe regret for yourself, and future generations.”

MakeUseOf: How to Set Up Your Own Website in 2 Hours or Less. “About a decade ago, if you wanted to build even the most basic websites, you would have needed to spend lots of hours writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript—or you would have had to pay someone to do it for you. Thankfully, times have changed, and you can have a stunning website up and running in very little time. If you follow all the steps we’ll share with you, you shouldn’t need any more than two hours!” Okay I HATE this lede. I was running a perfectly fine Web site in 1998 – over two decades ago – using Microsoft FrontPage. It was a WYSIWYG editor and my basic HTML skills were only required for doing a little code cleanup (WYSIWYG code was awful back then.) But the rest of the article is quite good. If you ever wanted to create a Web site and needed an article to lay out the general steps you need to take to just go for it, here you go.


BBC: How a fake network pushes pro-China propaganda. “A sprawling network of more than 350 fake social media profiles is pushing pro-China narratives and attempting to discredit those seen as opponents of China’s government, according to a new study. The aim is to delegitimise the West and boost China’s influence and image overseas, the report by the Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) suggests.”

CNBC: Google is planning a new Silicon Valley campus with hardware hub, plans show. “Google is planning yet another Silicon Valley campus, which will sit adjacent to a new center partly devoted to hardware, according to preliminary plans obtained by CNBC.”


Engadget: Twitter appoints ‘grievance officer’ to obey India’s internet rules. “Twitter is scrambling to reassure India and reclaim its liability protections for user-made content. Bloomberg reports that Twitter has told an Indian court it appointed grievance and nodal officers to honor new rules demanding local full-time staff to handle handle issues like compliance and law enforcement matters.”

CNET: US taps tech giants to help fight ransomware, cyberattacks. “The initiative, called the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, was unveiled Thursday by Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security. The effort, reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, will initially focus on combating ransomware and developing a framework to deal with cyberattacks that affect providers of cloud services.”


Recode: “People do not trust that Facebook is a healthy ecosystem”. “New York University researcher Laura Edelson is at the center of the latest major Facebook controversy over the misinformation that’s eroding our democracy and encouraging Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy. Earlier this week, Facebook abruptly shut down the personal Facebook accounts and research tools of Edelson and two of her colleagues at the NYU Ad Observatory, which studies political advertisements and misinformation on the platform.” Good evening, Internet…

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