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Lifehacker: How to Play Music on Your Livestream Without Getting Banned. “Machine learning has helped solve many of our biggest tech-related problems, and now it can help you find and create auto-generating, royalty-free music to play on your videos and livestreams so you won’t get hit with a copyright violation.”


BBC: Larry Page: Google co-founder granted New Zealand residency. “Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and one of the world’s richest men, has been granted New Zealand residency under a category for wealthy investors. Applicants are required to invest at least NZ$10m ($7m, £5m) in New Zealand over three years. Mr Page entered New Zealand in January, when its borders were still closed because of Covid-19.”

Bloomberg: The Woman Who Did Facebook’s Racial Audit Is About to Be Really Busy. “[Laura] Murphy spent most of her career navigating politics and policy, but recently she’s taken her talent to the corporate world, moderating conflicts between companies and advocates who criticize their impact on racial and social justice. She’s emerged as a pioneer of the corporate civil rights audit, a new tool for getting companies to confront their role in perpetuating racial disparities.”

New York Times: Oil producers used Facebook to counter President Biden’s clean energy message, a study shows.. “Soon after Joseph R. Biden Jr., then a presidential candidate, released his $2 trillion climate plan last year that promised to escalate the use of clean energy in the United States, the world’s major oil and gas dialed up their presence on Facebook. Overnight on Facebook’s U.S. platforms, 25 of the biggest oil and gas producers, industry lobby groups and advocacy organizations unleashed a surge in ads promoting fossil fuels, according to ad spending data analyzed by InfluenceMap, a London-based watchdog that tracks corporate influence on climate policy.”


Wired: AI Wrote Better Phishing Emails Than Humans in a Recent Test. “NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING continues to find its way into unexpected corners. This time, it’s phishing emails. In a small study, researchers found that they could use the deep learning language model GPT-3, along with other AI-as-a-service platforms, to significantly lower the barrier to entry for crafting spearphishing campaigns at a massive scale.”

Bleeping Computer: Microsoft Edge just got a ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ upgrade. “Microsoft has announced that the Edge Vulnerability Research team is experimenting with a new feature dubbed ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ and designed to bring security improvements without significant performance losses. When enabled, the new Microsoft Edge Super Duper Secure Mode will remove Just-In-Time Compilation (JIT) from the V8 processing pipeline, reducing the attack surface threat actors can use to hack into Edge users’ systems.”

The Verge: Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave after tweeting about sexism in the office. “Apple has placed senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik on indefinite administrative leave after she tweeted about sexism in the office. The company is currently investigating claims Gjøvik made about a hostile work environment.”


Daring Fireball: Apple’s New ‘Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope. “My first advice is to read Apple’s own high-level description of the features, which ends with links to detailed technical documentation regarding the encryption and techniques Apple is employing in the implementations, and ‘technical assessments’ from three leading researchers in cryptography and computer vision.”

Protocol: Want to succeed on GitHub? Your odds are better if you’re white. . “Software developers with white-sounding names may have more success on GitHub than developers whose names are perceived as Black, Hispanic or Asian-Pacific Islander, according to a recently published study.”

Vietnam Net: Vietnam looks to become AI hub in ASEAN by 2030. “The Vietnamese Government has issued a national strategy on the research, development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) till 2030 with a view to gradually turning Vietnam into an innovation and AI hub in ASEAN and the world.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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