NYPD Misconduct, Olympics Content, Facebook Dating, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, August 14, 2021


Gothamist: Brooklyn DA Releases Massive Trove Of Internal Documents On NYPD Misconduct. “The records reveal a wide range of misconduct allegations and findings against NYPD officers ranging from dishonesty to brutality to inappropriate associations with criminals. The release consists of District Attorney’s office letters prepared for defense attorneys and defendants to inform them of past police conduct that could undermine the credibility of officers called to the stand.”


Tubefilter: YouTube Viewers Watched 200 Million Hours Of Olympics Content, To The Tune Of 190 Million Daily Views. “According to the video giant, viewers watched 200 million hours of Olympics content this year, to the tune of 190 million daily views on average. (This includes footage from the Tokyo games and previous Olympics, YouTube said). In 2016, during the Rio games, viewers watched 29 million hours of Olympics content, clocking 24 million daily average views.”

The Verge: Facebook Dating is getting audio chats. “Facebook Dating, the company’s dating service, doesn’t appear to be as popular as other dating apps, but the company is introducing some new features to make it more useful for virtual dating, which has boomed during the pandemic.”

Search Engine Journal: LinkedIn Adds Ratings & Reviews to User Profiles. “An update to LinkedIn profiles will allow users to be rated and reviewed on the skills they offer as service providers. Reviews will be will be displayed in a new section on user profiles that have the services listings option enabled.”


The Vou: Best 12 Outfit Generator Apps And Websites Of 2021. “An outfit generator is an app or website designed to help users with their sartorial game by generating fresh outfits or combining existing clothes with future online purchases to create new styles. An outfit generator can be used for stylistic inspiration and as a wardrobe builder of custom outfits.” I love these things. I stare at them in awe. I’m like a fish looking at a rocketship.


Daily Beast: Trump’s Favorite Dictator Fueling New Pro-Hitler Movement. “The movement’s digital goosestepping is being led by a small handful of Nazis claiming connections to the Egyptian Armed Forces on Telegram, who are also attempting to build a community on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. At the center of the network is a branded, cloud-based storage drive being shared across a series of Telegram channels as well as Facebook pages and profiles, containing 16,922 multilingual pieces of Nazi footage, photos, text, and Holocaust denial videos, all meticulously ordered in 416 folders. Repeated calls to the Egyptian military’s media office went unanswered.”

Washington Post: Marginalized streamers beg Twitch to ‘do better’ in wake of hate raids, poor pay. “During an Aug. 6 broadcast, the Twitch streamer RekItRaven — who is Black and uses they/them pronouns — emotionally described a series of traumatic, real-life experiences that informed who they are today. In response, viewers in chat told Raven that they were ‘loved.’ This made what happened next especially hurtful. About 20 minutes later, Raven’s chat was suddenly flooded by dozens of users spamming the same message, which read in part: ‘This channel now belongs to the KKK.’ It was the second time that had happened in just one week.”


The Register: Dutch education IT crisis averted as Google agrees to ‘major privacy improvements’. “Google has agreed to ‘major privacy improvements’ following a threat to ban the use of Google Workspace in education by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). In March, Privacy Company concluded that eight out of 10 high privacy risks in Google’s productivity suite, Workspace, remained. The Dutch educational institutions then asked the Dutch DPA for advice. At the end of May the DPA warned schools and universities to stop using Google Workspace for Education before the start of the new school year.”

Mashable: Scammers target YouTube’s smart TV activation sites with help from Google. “Mashable has uncovered a scam that weaponizes the YouTube activation screen on Smart TVs. And the scam would be impossible for the fraudsters to carry out without a huge assist from Google, YouTube’s parent company.”


Tech Xplore: AI researchers trust international, scientific organizations most, study finds. “Researchers working in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence trust international and scientific organizations the most to shape the development and use of AI in the public interest. But who do they trust the least? National militaries, Chinese tech companies and Facebook.”

Michigan Daily: Dreaming through the screen. “I’ve always been someone that has appreciated silence and even sought it out. I prefer working at night when the noises around me are at a minimum. But when the silence on campus seemed suffocating, I would turn to cooking videos — something that I expect already to be silent. Even the slight punctuation of sounds are predictable and therefore somewhat grounding. These videos were the good types of quiet: anticipated and calm, not anxious or depressing.”


Ubergizmo: Animal Shelter Uses Tinder To Help Their Animals Find New Owners. “The Munich Animal Welfare Association recently decided to use Tinder as a platform to help them bring awareness to the various animals that they foster. They created profiles for their sheltered animals and put them on Tinder, using an advertising agency to help them snap some professional headshots for 15 cats and dogs.” Good morning, Internet…

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