South Korea Censored Films, TweetDeck, Hiking Apps, More: Sunday Evening ResearchBuzz, August 22, 2021


Korea Herald: Politically censored S. Korean films to be released online . “The Korean Film Archive announced that it will sequentially post a collection of South Korea’s earlier films censored by the state through the Korean Movie Database online history archive center, starting Thursday. The KOFA received donations and preserved some 10,000 materials regarding censorship from the Korea Council for Performing Arts Promotion, the predecessor of the current Korea Media Rating Board, from the mid-1950s to the mid-1990s. ”


Wired: You Should Be Using TweetDeck . “If you’ve never tried TweetDeck, or if you’ve previously used it and since forgotten about it, here are some of its key features—and it might suit you better than the default Twitter web client. As we’ve said Twitter is testing updates to TweetDeck too, so it looks like even more functionality is on the way (and we’re fingers crossed hoping they don’t hobble any already there.)” I love TweetDeck. It’s mostly how I use Twitter. I am very scared of Twitter is going to do to it.

Mashable: 11 best apps for hiking. “Whether gathering supplies for a day hike or setting up camp for a while, these days savvy hikers are sure to pack their digital backpacks with apps to bring out the best in their treks. Don’t forget your gorp, and steer clear of fat bears. Happy trails!”


News .au: Google Maps has banned mystery Russian island ‘once owned by USA’. “A remote Russian island has sparked mystery after users discovered it is censored on Google Maps. Jeannette Island, in the East Siberian Sea, appears as a black smudge on the search giant’s digital map tool when searching in Satellite mode. It doesn’t appear to show the same smudge when in ‘default’ mode, however.”

PR Newswire: GE Appliances and Google Sign Multi-Year Deal to Build Next-Gen Smart Home Appliances (PRESS RELEASE). “The two companies will work together to develop the next generation of smart appliances with Google Cloud Vision AI. And GEA will benefit from Google Cloud’s seamless integration with other Google platforms and technologies such as Android and Google Assistant.”


Bleeping Computer: AT&T denies data breach after hacker auctions 70 million user database. “From the samples shared by the threat actor, the database contains customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and date of birth. A security researcher who wishes to remain anonymous told BleepingComputer that two of the four people in the samples were confirmed to have accounts on Other than these few details, not much is known about the database, how it was acquired, and whether it is authentic.”

BuzzFeed News: Big Tech Thought It Had A Billion Users In The Bag. Now It Might Be Forced To Make Hard Choices To Get Them.. “For months, the country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, led by [Narendra] Modi, a nationalist autocrat accused of reshaping India’s secular ethos into a Hindu state, had been hard at work trying to quell an upswell of criticism on social media after a deadly second wave of the pandemic killed thousands and protests from millions of farmers against new agricultural laws rocked the nation. But it wasn’t until the last week of May that things came to a head.”


The Guardian: Constant craving: how digital media turned us all into dopamine addicts. “According to addiction expert Dr Anna Lembke, our smartphones are making us dopamine junkies, with each swipe, like and tweet feeding our habit. So how do we beat our digital dependency?”

DTU Aqua: Photo posts reveal huge interest for real coastal nature. “Tourists are generating more social media attention about marine protected areas than about other neighbouring coastal areas. In those protected areas they focus more on nature as such, wildlife or wild landscapes, whereas photos from nearby, ‘control’, coastal zones are more focused on human infrastructure like roads, trains, restaurants as well as cultural and historical sites….The photographers also described their photos taken in marine protected areas in a more positive manner than those taken outside MPAs. The social media followers viewing photos of those experiences liked and commented more on MPA photos than they did for non-MPA photos.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Diversity Story aims to ‘extend valuable cultural education to more people’. “Eleanor Park, 16, of McCandless launched The Diversity Story a year ago. People can apply to be staff writers, be interviewed to have an article written about them, or submit writing, artwork, photography and recipes. So far, the site has published more than 60 personal stories and interviews, as well as more than 20 snippets, or short reads, which usually discuss a current holiday or issue.” Good evening, Internet…

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