Glasgow Ghost Signs, Twitch, Sunday Scaries, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 5, 2021


The National: Forgotten ‘ghost signs’ of Glasgow mapped by new project. “THEY are faded fragments of days gone by which offer a glimpse into city life of the past. Now a project working to preserve the ‘ghost signs’ remaining on buildings in Glasgow is launching a map of key sites in the South Side. Since 2018, Glasgow City Heritage Trust has been researching and documenting the remains of the signs, which has included putting together an online archive, a conference and walking trails.”


Tubefilter: Twitch Says It’s Working On Features To Combat Hate Raids. “Sept. 1’s #ADayOffTwitch protest made a noticeable dent in the platform’s traffic. Now, Twitch has updated its safety guide for streamers to confirm that it’s working on tools to combat hate raids.”

Women Love Tech: Headspace Podcast Sunday Scaries On Spotify To Reduce Anxiety. “Headspace and Spotify have collaborated to release a new podcast series, Sunday Scaries, to help people combat the anxiety commonly felt on Sunday afternoons before an upcoming week. This micro-series, hosted by Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Dora Kamau, will consist of 12 episodes lasting 7-9 minutes each and will aim to ease listeners who feel anxiety, usually on Sunday afternoons, as the week ahead looms over them.”


Pocket-Lint: How to use iOS Shortcuts to create a custom RSS reader. “RSS readers might seem like an echo from the past, but they can still serve as a powerful tool to read headlines without having to deal with all the other fluff you’d come across when browsing social media to get your information via instead. If you’d like to easily see the latest headlines from your favourite news sources with only a tap of an icon or just a quick summon by Siri, follow along.”


CBC: Hundreds of Nova Scotians are on hidden bad tenant lists on Facebook. “In various Facebook groups, some hidden and some public, landlords swap photos and names of tenants with whom they’ve had bad experiences. Advocates have flagged at least two ‘bad tenant’ lists with hundreds of names in such groups.”

New York Times: The Rise and Fall of ‘ZuckTalk’. “ZuckTalk is a style of unpolished speech exhibited in contexts where polish is customary. It’s a linguistic hooded sweatshirt in a metaphorical boardroom. It is more than a collection of tics, but its tics are crucial to understanding it.”

This is from early August and I missed it. TIME: How Extortion Scams and Review Bombing Trolls Turned Goodreads Into Many Authors’ Worst Nightmare. “Scammers and cyberstalkers are increasingly using the Goodreads platform to extort authors with threats of ‘review bombing’ their work–and they are frequently targeting authors from marginalized communities who have spoken out on topics ranging from controversies within the industry to larger social issues on social media.”


Techdirt: Mystery Over Fake Section 1201 Takedown Claims Sent By ‘Video Industry Association of America’ Deepens. “The Section 1201 DMCA notices have continued to flood Google, but now they are being supposedly sent directly by the Video Industry Association of America, with whoever is sending these dropping the pretense that they’re coming from the US Copyright Office. But that isn’t actually clearing much up other than to highlight, again, that the organization doesn’t actually exist and is coming from Russia.”


Daily Wildcat: Why Twitch streaming is so addictive. “Clearly, there is an appeal to video game streaming, but what exactly is up with the hype? Well, I could ask the exact same question to someone who watches football games. What the two forms of entertainment have in common is gratification for the viewer. And luckily for us, there have been scientific studies conducted that illustrate the influence that gratification has, especially within a gaming setting.”

ZDNet: Want to see just how bad Google Chrome is? Try this simple trick!. “The first thing I noticed what how slow page loadings were. There’s a very distinct lag during page loading. A click. A pause. Pause. Then the page loads. It’s easy to point the finger of blame at things like Wi-Fi or internet connection or even a slow computer, but you’d be wrong. It’s Google Chrome.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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