Menominee Language, FindMyPast, YouTube, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, September 5, 2021


Green Bay Press-Gazette: Ron Corn Jr. is one of fewer than 20 fluent speakers of the Menominee language. He’s working to change that.. “The Menominee Nation offers language instruction through its education system, including an immersion program in which small children are fully immersed in the language. But grassroots programs, such as Menomini yoU, allow for tribal citizens, or anyone else not attending Menominee schools, to learn from home any time.Their website… informs users that they can learn at their own pace, whether 10 minutes or four hours a day and whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening.”


FindMyPast: Step back in time with over 300,000 vintage photos . “We love vintage photos here at Findmypast. They offer a window into the past as nothing else can. That’s why we’re delighted to grow our family album of photos with the arrival of the Francis Frith Collection. Read on to find out all about this amazing resource and our other new releases.”

Mike Shouts: The Transformers G1 Cartoon Series From The 80s Is Free To Stream On YouTube!. “As you may have already known, this year marks the 35 years since the release of the first Transformers movie, The Transformers: The Movie. In addition to celebrating the animated movie’s 35th anniversary with theatrical screenings and releasing the movie in 4K UHD, Hasbro will stream all seasons of the 1984 original cartoon series on Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel.”

Gamespot: Streamlabs Introduces Tool To Help Streamers Filter Out Hate And Harassment. “Safe Mode works from within Streamlabs to protect a streamer’s feed and live chat from malicious users. In essence, the tool provides a number of restrictions and filters that grant more control over who can interact with a stream. You can select as many or as few of these options as you’d like, and they run the gamut from features already implemented in Twitch like emote-only chat to new features like clearing all recent events and queued raid alerts.”


Make Tech Easier: “What Song Is This?”: The Best Ways to Identify a Song Online . “It happens to all of us, a song gets stuck in your head, and no matter how hard you think about it, you just can’t remember what the name of the song. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help you identify music that feels like it’s on the tip of your tongue. Between voice assistants, apps like Shazam and other methods, you will never have an issue identifying a song again.”


CNET: Yahoo has a new owner, again. “Apollo Global Management on Wednesday said it had completed its acquisition of Yahoo, formerly part of Verizon Media. The private equity firm in May agreed to acquire Verizon’s media group — which included brands such as Yahoo and AOL, as well as ad tech and media platform businesses — for $5 billion.”

PR Newswire: National Museum Of American Jewish History Emerges From Chapter 11 Reorganization (PRESS RELEASE). “Since its galleries closed to the public, the Museum has been steadfastly focused on a strategic planning process to ensure a stable, visionary future. Among these initiatives, the Museum is being promoted for inclusion into the Smithsonian Institution, a proposal that is earning bipartisan support in Congress. Thirty-seven members of the U.S. House of Representatives and twenty-three U.S. senators have championed legislation encouraging the Smithsonian to explore a plan for acquiring the Museum. The Museum will continue operating virtually with a robust online programming schedule while strategizing for reopening.”


The Register: Only ‘natural persons’ can be recognized as patent inventors, not AI systems, US judge rules. “AI systems cannot be granted patents and will not be recognised as inventors in the eyes of the US law, said a federal judge who decided to uphold a previous ruling by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week.”

Prospect: How intellectual property laws zapped the comic creatives . “To understand the comics industry today—and indeed the derived films, television and video game spin-offs—perhaps requires an understanding of the law more than lore. What can be done with characters and storylines is strictly regulated by an intricate and lucrative system of permissions and licences. This dominance of law is not new; legal issues have dominated from the very beginning of superhero comics in the 1930s, because of the very nature of the creative and commercial process.”


University of Maryland: Pitfalls of the TikTok Resume Trend . “Employers who use TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to evaluate job candidates run certain risks, including overlooking potentially strong non-video savvy applicants or unwittingly succumbing to bias, Stevens says. Social media profiles and TikTok resumes almost always include user images, which can reveal the candidate’s age, race, weight and level of attractiveness – factors that are more easily obscured in a resume.”

The Irish Times: Accessible Stasi archive offers a model for Catholic Ireland’s troubled past. “Religious orders retain their archives. There is no palpable pressure on them to hand them over, nor is there a dedicated public institution to manage the files if they did. Official Ireland still adopts an ad hoc approach to its past, limiting any chance of coherent research or public education on our vanished Catholic past…. It would be wrong to compare Catholic Ireland and communist East Germany, but Ireland’s approach to its collective past today jars with how East Germans sometimes at real risk to themselves and their families took ownership of the Stasi files and their past. Twice.”

ABC News: As flood alerts lit up phones, did ‘warning fatigue’ set in?. “Experts call it ‘warning fatigue,’ and no one can be sure what role it might have played in a tragedy that killed scores of people across the Northeast, including more than two dozen in New Jersey and at least 11 in New York City — many drowning in their basement apartments or in cars trapped in submerged roadways. The weather service acknowledged that in the past, alerts were being pushed out too often. There’s been lots of handwringing over how to get more people to heed warnings.” Good morning, Internet…

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