Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, Autism in Higher Education, Callin, More: Sunday Evening ResearchBuzz, September 5, 2021


Motor Authority: Sit back and tour the Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Museum from home. “If you’re a fan of Toyota’s iconic off-roader, the Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a must-see. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, that may not be possible for many people, but the museum now has an online virtual tour that lets you check things out from the comfort of your home.”

Irish Examiner: New website to help autistic students navigate barriers in third-level education. “A new website supporting autistic young people to navigate barriers they might face in higher-level education has launched this week. Launched by national charity AsIAm, the website includes practical resources for third-level students, including financial and budgeting advice, virtual tours, and student recipes.” Third-level is equivalent to American college, it looks like. While some of the resources were Ireland-focused, a lot of them weren’t, speaking more to the topics of autism and college in general.


PR Newswire: Callin Launches the First App for “Social Podcasting” (PRESS RELEASE). “Callin is the first ‘Social Podcasting’ platform where users can create, discover, and consume live and recorded audio content in one place. It combines the best aspects of social audio – live conversations and social discoverability – with the best of podcasting – a library of quality, episodic content that users can listen to anytime.”


Mashable: The best gardening apps, so you can stop killing all of your plants. “Whether you are starting a windowsill herb garden, buying some indoor plants, or planting a garden in your yard, these apps will help you figure out how to care for your plants and remind you to care for them. There will be no dead plants on these app’s watch.”

Hackaday: Making Web Pages With Word?. “There are, of course, other ways of generating web pages from your technical documentation — there is the Markdown / Pandoc combination, various Wiki solutions, or GitHub Pages, for example. If you’re Python-focused, there’s always the Jupyter Notebooks / JupyterLab approach which we wrote about in 2019. But these presume the source documents are in a certain format. If you have years of existing documentation in Word, or you prefer (or are required) to use Word, [Jim Yuill]’s WWN tool might be of interest.”


Core 77: Instagram Account Dedicated to Listing Furniture Design Piracy Examples. “It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so infuriating for the original designers. The Design Within Copy Instagram account is dedicated to posting the incredibly numerous incidents of piracy within the furniture design world.”

CNN: For misinformation peddlers on social media, it’s three strikes and you’re out. Or five. Maybe more. “It is widely believed by misinformation researchers that one of the most powerful — if controversial — tools that social media platforms have in combating misinformation from public figures and lesser-known individuals alike is to kick the worst offenders off entirely. But before platforms take that step, they typically follow a more nuanced (and sometimes confusing) system of strike policies that can vary from platform to platform, issue to issue and even case by case. These policies often stay out of the spotlight until a high-profile suspension occurs.”

Nigerian Tribune: Stakeholders Lament State Of National Archives, Brainstorm On Revamping ‘Former Monuments’. “THE sorry state of the first office of the National Archives of Nigeria at the University of Ibadan, which was established in 1954, has been a major concern to some stakeholders. A conference was organised recently by Marina Roundtable Limited at the University of Ibadan to brainstorm on how to revive the archives for national development. Both the town and the gown were in attendance.”


Director of National Intelligence: NCSC And Federal Partners Kick Off “National Insider Threat Awareness Month”. NCSC is the National Counterintelligence and Security Center. “NITAM is an annual, month-long campaign during September to educate government and industry about the risks posed by insider threats and the role of insider threat programs. Federal insider threat programs are composed of multi-disciplinary teams that address insider threats while protecting privacy and civil liberties of the workforce; maximizing organizational trust and ensuring positive work cultures that foster diversity and inclusion.”

PCWorld: Beware this new phishing attack that’s after your passwords!. “A classic bit of internet security advice just bit the dust. For ages, email users were told to hover their mouse over a link to see where it led—if you saw the URL of a legitimate website, you were in the clear. But on Tuesday, Microsoft shared details on a kind of phishing attack it’s seeing more frequently: Email with links that contain a known website at the start, but actually redirect to a malicious page.” Good evening, Internet…

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