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Hey y’all, I’ll repeat this message in the evening newsletter but I wanted to let you know one thing about tomorrow. I am clearing all my RSS feeds and Google Alerts today so I can get all the 9/11-related resources in one place.

I know that the 9/11 anniversary is hard for a lot of people and you might be trying to avoid it. All the 9/11 content that’s featured tomorrow will be in the MORNING EDITION ONLY. If you’re trying to avoid 9/11 mentions for the sake of your mental health (NO SHAME, EVERYTHING IS TOUGH RIGHT NOW) skip the morning newsletter.

I want all y’all to be okay. I love you. Have a good weekend.


FleetWorld: Ogilvie Fleet’s free EV database to help drivers research electric cars. “The database, which currently includes all 132 electric cars available, enables users to quickly compare the cheapest, the most efficient, or longest range car, along with a host of other parameters, such as BiK data and vital statistics.” Aimed at the UK but man, there’s a lot of cars here.


TechCrunch: DoNotPay’s ‘robot lawyer’ can now help report potholes or fallen trees to the city, file damage claims . “DoNotPay, a company that makes annoying processes less annoying through automation, might be able to help. Their ‘robot lawyer,’ as the company calls it, started out as a service meant to help people more easily fight parking tickets. Over time it’s learned a bunch of new tricks, like helping users end tough-to-cancel subscriptions, get refunds they’re owed and more. Its latest thing? Helping users report issues like potholes, fallen trees/branches and broken streetlights to their city government — and if said issue damaged your property or cost you money, it’ll help get you paid back.”

CNBC: Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone will be next CEO of Yahoo following Apollo acquisition. “Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone will be the new chief of Yahoo, according to a company memo obtained by CNBC Friday. You can read the full memo from former Yahoo boss Guru Gowrappan announcing the change below. Gowrappan said he will now serve as an advisor to Yahoo.” Old-timers may recognize the name Jim Lazone as the former CEO of Ask Jeeves. He stuck to search and didn’t get distracted by portals and suchlike. Hope he’s still got that laser focus.


MakeUseOf: How to Take a Good Selfie Video: 10 Tips . “If you’re active on platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, you’ve already seen countless selfie videos. With the new generation moving away from image-based content and preferring the interactive format of videos, it might be time to jump on board. We’re going to discuss why you should consider taking selfie videos, and give you some tips on how to shoot them.”


New York Times: An Urban Archive Was Lost on 9/11. This Agency Is Trying to Rebuild It.. “The Port Authority, which was headquartered in the World Trade Center and lost 84 employees, is collecting artifacts with the help of retirees.”

Tampa Bay Times: Last house in historic Black community may become museum. “The house needs a new home. It might someday become a museum, so it can keep sharing its story of slaughter and survival. It’s the last house in what once was Rosewood, a community of 300 people — mostly Black — who lived along State Road 24, the road to Cedar Key.”


Deutsche Welle: Turkish government increases pressure on social media. “Turkish opposition politicians and activists have made great use of the internet to circumvent state control of the mainstream media. They are alarmed by government plans to crack down even more on online platforms.”

BBC: The Kenyans who are helping the world to cheat. “If a student in London or New York goes online to pay somebody to do their essay, the chances are the work will actually end up being done by somebody in Kenya. BBC Trending reports from Nairobi on the ghost writers helping foreigners to cheat.”


Techdirt: Sci-Hub Celebrates 10 Years Of Existence, With A Record 88 Million Papers Available, And A Call For Funds To Help It Add AI And Go Open Source. “To celebrate ten years offering a large proportion of the world’s academic papers for free — against all the odds, and in the face of repeated legal action — Sci-Hub has launched a funding drive.”

Liam O’Dell: Twitter Spaces’ Voice Effects are hellish and inaccessible – they have to go. “After an unintended break from the social audio feature for a few weeks, I returned to test out the collection of new ‘transformers’ designed to make things a little bit easier for those who may find using their own voices in Spaces a tad uncomfortable. Yet, what may be more comfortable for them, is in fact completely inaccessible – and even painful – for disabled people, such as autistic people and others who identify as neurodivergent.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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