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Hey y’all, I wanted to let you know one thing about tomorrow so I am repeating the message from the afternoon edition. I am clearing all my RSS feeds and Google Alerts today so I can get all the 9/11-related resources in one place.

I know that the 9/11 anniversary is hard for a lot of people and you might be trying to avoid it. All the 9/11 content that’s featured tomorrow will be in the MORNING EDITION ONLY. If you’re trying to avoid 9/11 mentions for the sake of your mental health (NO SHAME, EVERYTHING IS TOUGH RIGHT NOW) skip the morning newsletter.

I want all y’all to be okay. I love you. Have a good weekend.


University of Minnesota Duluth: Sea Grant Launches New Great Lakes Fresh Fish Finder Website. “Created by Minnesota Sea Grant and the Sea Grant programs in Illinois-Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Vermont/Lake Champlain and Wisconsin, this new website features businesses where consumers can buy wild-caught and farmed fish and shellfish to eat, for stocking ponds, to use as bait and for ornamental purposes.”

State of California: California Launches Dedicated Small Business Portal Ahead of National Small Business Week. “California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA), part of the Governor’s Office of Business Economic Development (GO-Biz), today announced the launch of – a website that connects California’s small business community with critical resources available through state-funded small business technical assistance program and other state resources.”


USA Today: From memory to history: How America will remember Sept. 11 on 20th anniversary . “Across the United States on Saturday, memorial events and observances will be held to honor the victims and remember the legacy of the Sept. 11 attacks.”


Mother Jones: Artists in Louisiana Mobilize on Instagram for On-the-Ground Hurricane Relief. “In the days after Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, leaving at least 26 dead and ravaging homes, historical sites, power lines, and cultural spaces, artists began self-organizing to shore up the staggering holes left by federal and state emergency response.”

Lifehacker: You Should Explore the Brain-Tingling World of TikTok ASMR. “Luna Bloom, a 26-year-old creator and ASMRtist with 1 million followers on TikTok and 283,000 subscribers on YouTube, explains ASMR like this: It’s ‘the feeling you experience when consuming ASMR content, rather than the content itself. It’s described as a tingling sensation, oftentimes on the back of the head or down the spine, and/or a trance-like state, that usually helps to alleviate anxiety, insomnia, and the like.'”

B&T: Commercial Radio Australia Set To Begin Collectively Bargaining With Google And Facebook Over News Payments . “Commercial Radio Australia’s (CRA) 261 member stations will soon be able to collectively negotiate payments for news content with Google and Facebook. The ACCC announced today that it had issued a draft determination proposing to authorise collective bargaining for CRA.”


Wired: Twitch Sues Users Over Alleged ‘Hate Raids’ Against Streamers. “SINCE EARLY AUGUST, Twitch has been wrestling with an epidemic of harassment against marginalized streamers known as ‘hate raids.’ These attacks spam streamers’ chats with hateful and bigoted language, amplified dozens of times a minute by bots. On Thursday, after a month trying and failing to combat the tactic, Twitch resorted to the legal system, suing two alleged hate raiders for ‘targeting black and LGBTQIA+ streamers with racist, homophobic, sexist and other harassing content’ in violation of its terms of service.”

The Daily Swig: Machine learning technique detects phishing sites based on markup visualization. “Machine learning models trained on the visual representation of website code can help improve the accuracy and speed of detecting phishing websites. This is according to a paper (PDF) by security researchers at the University of Plymouth and the University of Portsmouth, UK. The researchers aim to address the shortcomings of existing detection methods, which are either too slow or not accurate enough.”

NBC News: Tech companies meet with FDA to discuss how to curb sale of opioids online. “Representatives from social media companies including Twitter, Facebook, Snap and TikTok met with the United States Food and Drug Administration on Thursday to discuss how to reduce the availability of opioids online.”


New York Times: How We Built a 3-D Model of the Collapsed Surfside Condo Tower. “To help readers understand more about the possible reasons for the building’s failure, one of the worst in U.S. history with 98 people killed, a Times team also began an investigation. Journalists from the Graphics and National desks, including two editors who are trained architects, collaborated to review the original designs and construct a 3-D model of the building. They also examined videos, engineering reports, 911 calls and photographs to glean details about what might have gone wrong.” Good evening, Internet…

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