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Deadline: Jerusalem Cinematheque Opens Up Israel’s National Film Archive. “The archive, based in a climate-controlled film centre adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City walls, holds 96% of all features ever produced in Israel… From Monday October 18, the Archive is being opened for people to search and stream on demand from around the world. The opening follows a $10M preservation, restoration, and digitization process begun in 2015. The materials on the new site will all be translated, tagged, and searchable in English by keyword or phrase, year, landmark, and location.”

Google Blog: Walk the Great Wall of China. “Today, in collaboration with renowned Great Wall expert Dong Yaohui and curators from Gubei Water Town, Google Arts & Culture presents a new theme page enabling people to visit the Great Wall virtually. ‘Walk the Great Wall of China’ includes an exclusive 360-degree virtual tour of one of the best-preserved sections, 370 images of the Great Wall in total, and 35 stories that dive into fascinating architectural details. It’s a chance for people to experience parts of the Great Wall that might otherwise be hard to access, learn more about its rich history, and understand how it’s being preserved for future generations.”

PR Newswire: CDD Gives Back with Open Access Data Visualization Tool (PRESS RELEASE). “Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) announced today that it is providing a full featured, standalone software tool to the scientific community for free. CDD Visualization is an intuitive browser-based application that allows scientists to visualize their data and generate publication-ready graphs and plots.”


NOAA: NOAA upgrades climate website amid growing demand for climate information. “NOAA’s Climate Program Office today launched a newly redesigned version of, NOAA’s award-winning, flagship website that provides the public with clear, timely, and science-based information about climate. The redesign expands the site’s already significant capacity to connect Americans with the resources they need to understand and plan for climate-related risks.”

New York Times: After Whistle-Blower Goes Public, Facebook Tries Calming Employees. “Even as Facebook executives have publicly questioned Ms. Haugen’s credibility and called her accusations untrue, they have been equally active with their internal positioning as they try to hang on to the good will of more than 63,000 workers and assuage their concerns about the whistle-blower.”

Microsoft Research Blog: Microsoft Translator: Now translating 100 languages and counting!. “Today, we’re excited to announce that Microsoft Translator has added 12 new languages and dialects to the growing repertoire of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Translator, bringing us to a total of 103 languages! The new languages, which are natively spoken by 84.6 million people, are Bashkir, Dhivehi, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Mongolian (Cyrillic), Mongolian (Traditional), Tatar, Tibetan, Turkmen, Uyghur, and Uzbek (Latin).”


MakeUseOf: The 6 Best Workspaces That Are Not From Google or Microsoft. “With the spread of corporate culture, the popularity of workspace suites is on the rise. Regardless of your company size, investing in a productivity suite is a great way to streamline workflows. However, you may only have heard of the workspaces provided by big enterprises like Microsoft or Google. If that’s the case, check out this list of efficient workspaces that are not from Google or Microsoft.”

TechRadar: Best OCR software of 2021: free and paid options. “The overall result is that the paperless office is now increasingly becoming a reality. The only thing holding back on that is likely the volume of documents yet to be scanned, but now documents can be scanned individually as well as in batches, making the process even more efficient. Here we feature the best OCR software for archiving your paper documents as digital PDF files.”


AL DÍA News: The Mexican-American visionary bringing representation through Google Doodles. “Throughout her life, Perla Campos has often navigated through chapters and situations as ‘one of the only.’ Born and raised in a small town about 30 minutes southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth, her family was one of only a few Hispanic families in a predominantly white town. In college, she was again one of the only Hispanics at her school. Even today, she works at one of the largest corporations in the United States and the world — Google — and is one of the few Latinas on the team.”

CNN: Another Facebook whistleblower says she is willing to testify before Congress. “Sophie Zhang, who said she felt like she had ‘blood on her hands’ after working at Facebook, is willing to testify before Congress about her former employer, she told CNN Sunday. She said she had also passed on documentation about the company to a US law enforcement agency.”

BBC: Facebook whistleblower to appear before UK Parliament. “Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who accuses the technology giant of putting profit ahead of safety, will give evidence to the UK Parliament later this month. Ms Haugen will appear before the Online Safety Bill committee on 25 October.”


The Register: Apple patches ‘actively exploited’ iPhone zero-day with iOS 15.0.2 update. “Described as a ‘memory corruption issue’ by Apple, the vuln is present within the IOMobileFrameBuffer kernel extension, used for managing display memory. Malicious applications are said to be capable of triggering an integer overflow in the framebuffer, permitting execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges.” Good morning, Internet…

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