SAIEE Africa Research Journal, Overdrive Libby App, Discord Events, more: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 25, 2021


IEEE Spectrum: Access South Africa’s Leading Research Journal’s Entire Collection. “The full archives of the SAIEE Africa Research Journal—some issues dating back more than 100 years—are now available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The open-access quarterly journal from the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers publishes peer-reviewed articles on research in IEEE’s fields of interest.”


Good E-Reader: New Overdrive Libby app update offers enhanced accessibility options . “OverDrive said they have introduced some changes to the Libby app that are aimed at making it more accessible to all users, including those with visual, motor, or cognitive deficiencies. The company said they have taken inputs directly from those with visual defects – low vision to even blind individuals – thanks to their association with Fable to ensure the updates introduced to the Libby app makes it even more accessible to those with special needs.”


MakeUseOf: How to Create and Attend Discord Events . “Discord is a great place to gather your friends to chat about games, school, and everything else. But what if you want to schedule everyone to meet at the same time? For that, you can use Discord events. We’re going to explain everything you need to know about Discord events, including how to set them up.”


EdSurge: The Surprising History of Google’s Push to Scan Millions of Library Books. “It seemed like the beginning of a new era, when scholars and the public could make new connections and discoveries in the kind of mass digital library that had previously been the stuff of science fiction. But it soon became clear the actual plan would turn out to be far more controversial than its organizers probably ever imagined. On this week’s EdSurge Podcast, we tell the story of this ambitious book-scanning effort that sparked an epic legal battle among publishers, authors and technologists. Somehow, it’s a story that seems largely forgotten.” I don’t see a transcript link, but there’s a decent-sized article.

New York Times: That Fun TikTok Video? It’s Actually an Ad.. “Ever since young Americans began their exodus from commercial television to streaming services and social media, advertisers have searched for the digital equivalent of home shopping channels, a place online where users might engage with ads rather than just quickly clicking past them. Now, they think they’re closer to finding this holy grail of marketing, and it doesn’t look anything like QVC.”


Politico: Potential DOJ suits against Apple and Google delayed amid budget woes. “The Justice Department is still months away from deciding whether to sue Apple or file a new suit against Google over antitrust concerns, two people familiar with the discussions said — a question facing new financial complications after the collapse of President Joe Biden’s social spending bill.”

Mashable: ‘Extremely disturbing’: TikTok sued by content moderator for psychological trauma. “Candie Frazier, who works as a contracted content moderator, filed a class action lawsuit in federal court on Thursday against TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, for psychological trauma. Frazier alleges she developed anxiety, depression, and PTSD as a result of the highly regimented 12-hour shifts in which she would watch a stream of videos containing ‘animal cruelty, torture, suicides, child abuse, murder, beheadings, and other graphic content.’ Troubling videos also discussed conspiracy theories, holocaust denial, political misinformation, and other destabilizing content.”


Mercury News: Google hopes dragonscale solar will take wing at Silicon Valley sites. “Google is betting that dragonscale solar panels on its canopy campuses in Mountain View could bolster the tech titan’s efforts to generate green energy. The search giant has been installing the solar panels, whose moniker derives from how the scales of a dragon might look, on its two new Mountain View campuses that both have an eye-catching design.”

CNET: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope just launched: What’s next?. “Webb is set to travel 1 million miles (1.6 million km) from Earth over the next six months and begin orbiting the sun at the vital-for-the-mission second Lagrange point. Once that happens, Webb will begin sending back images of the universe. But these won’t be mere intergalactic photos.”

Washington Post: Is artificial intelligence about to transform the mammogram?. “[Regina] Barzilay had spent years researching the AI specialty known as natural-language processing, which applies algorithms to textual data. Those skills, she realized, might be put to a different use: predicting cancer. She decided to shift her research. That choice is now bearing fruit. Barzilay, 51, and a student protege have built an AI that seems able to predict with unprecedented accuracy whether a healthy person will get breast cancer, in an innovation that could seriously disrupt how we think about the disease.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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