Srebrenica Genocide, LGBTQ Northern Ireland, Google Lens, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, February 5, 2022


Foreign Policy: What Germany Can Teach Serbia About Confronting Genocide. “Many surveys of Serbians confirm sentiments of conscious denial of the Srebrenica genocide, pretending nothing happened, blaming all sides, or general apathy. The Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) recently presented ‘Zone of (Non)Responsibility,’ a collection containing more than a hundred excerpts from print and other media that talk about Srebrenica. This digital archive shows several phases of the official policy of denialism regarding the Srebrenica genocide since 1995.”

Belfast Telegraph: Queer today, but what about yesterday?. “This LGBT+ History Month, Damian Kerlin chats with those leading LGBT+ organisations and their volunteers behind their History Project NI which maps out key pivotal moments in Northern Ireland’s queer history, the key movers and shakers who pioneered for change, the strides made and how monumental shifts in history has opened the door for further equality today.”


9to5 Google: Google tests adding Lens to desktop Search on the web. “According to one user browsing with Incognito Mode, Lens on appears in the search field next to the voice microphone. The visual search tool is using the latest, whole-bodied camera icon that the Google app also uses. (Lens still uses the rounded square logo in the Pixel Launcher, Google Photos, and Android app icon.)”


USA Today: TikTok and Instagram pull ads by mental health company that linked ADHD to obesity. “Meta and TikTok removed advertisements from a mental health care startup after the ads promoted harmful and misleading health information, NBC News reported. Cerebral, a mental health company that hired Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles as its chief impact officer, published an ad where a woman was surrounded by junk food such as chips and cake. The ad then read ‘Those who live by impulse, eat by impulse’ and claimed obesity is ‘five times more prevalent’ among adults with ADHD.”

Muswellbrook Chronicle: An error in Google Maps showed ‘Muswellbrook’ more than 10km southeast of its actual position. “Drivers of Google Maps may have been left confused recently after a mapping error meant directions to ‘Muswellbrook’ led drivers to an intersection more than 10km south of the actual town…. A spokesperson for Google said the issue had now been fixed but was unable to explain the cause behind the misplacement of Muswellbrook.”

TAP Into Somerville: Volunteer Cell Phones Help Preserve 19th-Century Somerville Newspapers. “The borough’s Newspaper Photography Project continues to make progress, with more volunteers joining the effort to create a digital record of people, events, and places recorded in Somerville’s now defunct weekly newspapers, some dating back to the 1850s. Volunteers work at home using their cellphones and post their work in a shared digital archive created by the Borough’s Historic Advisory Committee.”


Techdirt: Court Gets An Easy One Right: Section 230 Says Omegle Isn’t To Blame For Bad People On Omegle . “For reasons I don’t quite understand, some people blame Section 230 for the bad people on Omegle, and there have been a few recent lawsuits that try to get around Section 230 and still hold Omegle liable for the fact that bad people use the site. As others have explained in great detail, if these lawsuits succeed, they would do tremendous harm to online speech. We’ve discussed all the reasons why in the past — but pinning liability on an intermediary for speech of its users is the best way to stifle all sorts of important speech online.”

Government Technology: What Prescott, Ariz., Learned ‘Dodging a [Ransomware] Bullet’. “Hackers broke in through a city network engineer’s account in 2020. The near disaster revealed the need for stronger passwords, multifactor authentication and automated threat detection and response.” Google loses Fortnite stay case against Epic Games. “The developers of hit game Fortnite have had a win against Google in court after the tech giant lost its bid to have a case against it thrown out. Epic Games launched Federal Court action against Google in March, claiming it had abused its control over the Android operating system, and restricted competition in payment processing and app distribution on Google Play Store by forcing developers to use its in-app payment services, which take a 30 per cent commission.”


Analytics India: 3D animation using AI: Behind Plask. “If you’re an aspiring animator searching for a programme, you can look into Plask. Plask is a web-based 3D animation editor and motion capture tool driven by AI. It includes the required animation tools, allowing you to record, edit, and animate your projects without ever leaving your browser. However, Plask’s most significant feature is its AI-assisted ability to animate your characters using any video as a mocap.”


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