Holocaust Education Colorado, Ireland Vital Records, NARA, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, March 5, 2022


CBS 4 Denver: New Website From University Of Denver Supports Holocaust Education In Colorado Schools. “In 2020, Gov. Jared Polis signed a law that requires Holocaust and Genocide education in Colorado schools. Now there’s a new website from the University of Denver that’s supporting teachers with their lesson plans.”


Irish Central: Irish Government extends online database of birth, death, and marriage records. “…the Birth Register now includes the years 1864 to 1921, while the Marriage Register has been updated to include records from the years 1845-1946. The Death Register, meanwhile, now includes the years 1864 until 1971. The website is free and users do not require any subscription to access the records.”

The Guardian: National Archives turns over Trump White House logs to January 6 panel. “The US National Archives has delivered White House visitor logs from Donald Trump’s administration to the congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol by extremist supporters of the then president, the committee said on Friday. The National Archives also turned over records from former vice-president Mike Pence, meeting a 3 March deadline.”


Make Tech Easier: 21 of the Best FaceTime Tips and Tricks to Use it Like a Pro. “FaceTime is Apple’s propriety audio and video calling service. You can use it for one-on-one or group calling. It offers filters, stickers, screen sharing, and much more. Whether you are new to FaceTime or have been using it for a while, the following FaceTime tips and tricks will help you make the most out of it.”

Stanford News: Seven tips for spotting disinformation related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “[Shelby] Grossman and her team are closely monitoring the narratives emerging on social media related to the crisis, including online propaganda from the Kremlin. A report of their initial findings published just two days before Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Grossman said that while they aren’t necessarily seeing new disinformation tactics, what’s new is how the tactics are being applied.”


St. Pete Rising: The world’s largest collection of artist sketchbooks is moving to St. Pete. “After spending over a decade in Brooklyn, the world’s largest collection of artist sketchbooks is moving to St. Pete. The Sketchbook Project will be located inside The Factory, a new creative arts destination in St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District, at 2622 Fairfield Avenue South, Building 8A.”

BBC: Ukraine war: The TikToker spreading viral videos. “Marta [Vasyuta] speaks fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English. As soon as she heard about the invasion, she began to scroll though Ukrainian channels on the Telegram messaging app. Telegram is hugely popular in Ukraine. People in Ukraine were uploading videos on to these channels. Marta trawled through and began to save them.”


Mashable: Sketchy domains try to trick Ukraine supporters out of would-be donations . “Scammers and other bad actors are once again up to their old tricks in search of ill-gotten profits, and this time they’ve set their sights on Ukraine. In order to take advantage of the ongoing war in the country, they’re using an old, reliable tool to trick internet users: Domain names.”

CNET: FTC Takes Action Against WW for Collecting Children’s Health Data. “The US Federal Trade Commission is requiring WW International — the company previously known as Weight Watchers — and its Kurbo App to permanently delete data it collected through a weight loss app used by kids as young as eight. Children’s personal health data was collected without the permission of parents or guardians, the FTC said in a complaint filed against the company in February in the District Court in the Northern District of California.”

Brookings Institution: How is Russia conducting cyber and information warfare in Ukraine?. “While the Russian assault on Ukraine advances through ground and air forces, there haven’t yet been significant cyberattacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, intelligence, or communications systems. Brookings Fellow Jessica Brandt explains what we have seen so far in the way of cyber and information warfare, why Putin might have initially avoided larger-scale cyberattacks against Ukraine, and how technology companies and U.S. and NATO intelligence services have pushed back against the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns.” Podcast with full transcript.


VentureBeat: PolyCoder is an open source AI code-generator that researchers claim trumps Codex. “…while research labs like OpenAI and Alphabet-backed DeepMind have developed powerful code-generating AI, many of the most capable systems aren’t available in open source. For example, the training data for OpenAI’s Codex, which powers GitHub’s Copilot feature, hasn’t been made publicly available, preventing researchers from fine-tuning the AI model or studying aspects of it such as interpretability. To remedy this, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University — Frank Xu, Uri Alon, Graham Neubig, and Vincent Hellendoorn — developed PolyCoder, a model based on OpenAI’s GPT-2 language model that was trained on a database of 249GB of code across 12 programming languages.”

Politico: I Joined Truth Social. Why Do I Feel Like the Only One?. “The site is the marquee offering of Trump’s tech venture, Trump Media & Technology Group, founded last year as part of a SPAC deal, with $1 billion from undisclosed investors, according to the company (which is now reportedly under investigation by federal regulators). Truth Social’s page is filled with memes: a car veering off the highway, away from a sign for ‘Big Tech’ to an exit ramp for ‘Truth Social’; two doors, one for Twitter, showing a vacant room, another for “Truth Social,” with dozens of people trying to get in. But from the inside, Truth Social feels empty.” Good morning, Internet…

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