Domain Codex, Sydney Harbour Bridge Construction, Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, March 18, 2022


Dark Reading: Domain Codex Launches New Search Engine Tool for Researching Domain Intelligence. “Domain Codex allows users to search deep data on domain-related information on more than 20 data points across root domains, allowing a broad and extensive search of domain intelligence data. With Domain Codex, users can quickly identify domains by mix and match data points of interest and easily correlate and compare other domains sharing similar or identical data,mmaking it a one-of-a-kind tool for intelligence research.” Really nice filter selection. Limited free tier for use.

Australian Financial Review: Meet the woman who saved the Sydney Harbour Bridge. “Kathleen Butler is barely remembered today. But in the 1920s, she became known as ‘The Bridge Girl’ – she even went overseas with engineers from [engineer John] Bradfield’s team to review tenders for the construction process…. Now her contribution to the successful construction of ‘The Coathanger’ is being revived, thanks in part to the University of Sydney’s decision to digitise 596 photos of the bridge’s construction from Bradfield’s three personal albums, which he had entrusted to his loyal companion and protégé in 1927.”

New-to-me, from University of North Carolina: A monumental visual history. “Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina, or CommLand, a partnership with University Libraries, now features the stories of over 1,000 monuments across the state in all 100 counties. It is the largest and most extensive curated site devoted to a single state’s historical monuments and memorials.”

Music Ally: Diverse Representation Music Database launches in the US. “It’s a partnership in the US between Diverse Representation and Color of Change, and will include profiles and CVs for hundreds of Black music industry professionals. The database is designed to be used by labels, streaming services, agencies and other companies in the industry when scouting for new hires.”


CNET: March Madness: Google Unveils Its Brackets, New Search Improvements. “It’s March, and that means one thing: college basketball. In that spirit, Google filled out brackets for the men’s and women’s 2022 NCAA Tournaments based on which teams people across the country are searching for.”

Windows Blog: Appears to say: Microsoft Edge now provides auto-generated image labels. “Alt text is critical to making the web accessible, yet it’s often overlooked. Our data suggests that more than half of the images processed by screen readers are missing alt text. To help fill that gap, Microsoft Edge will now provide auto-generated alt text for images that do not include it. Auto-generated alt text helps users of assistive technology such as screen readers discover the meaning or intent of an images on the web.”

Google Blog: Practice sets: a more personal path to learning. “With practice sets, educators can easily transform their own teaching content into interactive assignments and use the autograding tool to cut down on manual grading time. Practice sets also help teachers figure out which concepts need more instruction time and who could use extra support, giving them quick performance insights to shape future lesson plans.”


Mashable: Even Heineken thinks its new metaverse ‘beer’ is a dumb publicity stunt. “The brewer is the latest company, and second beer manufacturer, to jump on the metaverse bandwagon with its Thursday release of Heineken Silver — a ‘virtual beer’ that the company insists is, yes, as dumb as it sounds. For starters, Heineken is quick to let everyone know, you definitely can’t drink whatever this new thing is.”

Michigan Daily: TikTok’s quarantine obsession with ‘Cat Trap’. “Its premise is simple: You wall in a cat trying to escape a grid of green hexagons. The darkened hexagons are the only areas the cat cannot jump to, so the player must click on a hexagon, darkening enough to surround and therefore catch the cat. It’s a simple enough game of cat-and-mouse (pun unintended) — well, cager-and-cat — to be surprisingly addictive as frustration builds over your target escaping again and again, resulting in a cathartic gratification at finally achieving success. TikTok has echoed these feelings, capturing users playing the game, often pausing it at the moment of victory or failure to relish or wallow in those emotions.”


The National: Syria outlaws social media posts that ‘undermine the economy’. “Syria will penalise social media users with jail terms and fines if they undermine the economy with their posts. The new measures are part of a broad cybersecurity law to prevent online crime, including credit card fraud, defamation and blasphemy. Breaches of the new law would attract a jail term of four to 15 years and a fine as high as 10 million Syrian pounds ($4,000).”


Analytics India: Top preprint servers for publishing your AI research . “Preprint servers are open access online archives or repositories that contain research papers before their peer review and publication. Their main aim is to accelerate the dissemination process of research findings and enhance their visibility. As the peer review process takes time and there is a subsequent delay in publication, preprint servers are useful tools for researchers to post a full draft of their research papers and get immediate feedback from their colleagues. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular preprint servers in AI research.”

University of Wyoming: UW Libraries to Launch Journal of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education. “University of Wyoming Libraries soon will launch the Journal of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education (JOERHE), a new, open peer-reviewed journal. The journal is currently accepting scholarly articles that critically analyze the role of open educational resources (OER) in higher education for its debut issue. The journal is anticipated to launch this fall.” Good morning, Internet…

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