Ohio Fishing Tournaments, YouTube, TikTok, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 22, 2022


Sandusky Register: State agency lists fishing tournaments on website. “Anglers have a new way to find out about fishing tournaments taking place in Ohio. And with fishing an important part of the Sandusky area’s tourist scene, local hosts for fishing tournaments have a new way to publicize their events. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has announced a new website to publicize and schedule fishing tournaments.”


Search Engine Journal: YouTube Launching 5 New Features For Livestreams. “YouTube announces five new features for livestreams, some of which are currently in testing and others that will roll out later this year.”

Tubefilter: That TikTok food video making you hungry? Order the ingredients on Instacart.. “Whether you prefer the high-energy cooking of Nick DiGiovanni or the adorable cat chef That Little Puff, there’s plenty of delectable food videos to discover on TikTok. Now, thanks to Instacart, those videos can go straight from your For You feed to your shopping list.”


MakeUseOf: Adventure Somewhere New With These 4 Exploration Apps. “Want a change of pace from your usual walking path or loop around the block? There’s a whole selection of apps designed to take your walk or run to the next level. With these inventive apps, you can get your steps in while discovering your neighborhood and exploring entirely new places.”


AGDAILY: The history of New Farmers of America to be digitized. “When it comes to remembering our history, one of the most important steps is to have the recorded documents easily assessable to the public. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has been awarded a new grant to digitize its unique collection of materials belonging to a former national youth organization that helped train generations of Black farmers and leaders. The project will digitize an estimated 150,000 pieces of memorabilia from New Farmers of America.”

Hongkiat: What is Virtual Land in Metaverse – Explain Like I’m Five. “So, what are virtual lands? What is their purpose? And why do investors pay millions of dollars just to own one? Let us dive deep into this matter and understand the underlying reason to see what the hype is all about!” The article itself is a bit on the hype-y side, but has lots of information and links.


The Verge: Inside The Fight To Save Video Game History. “As games age and as companies continue to remove the means to properly purchase and download them, people are looking at other, less than legitimate options to continue to play the games they enjoy. It’s created tension between players and companies. While it’s unrealistic to expect publishers to maintain their prolific libraries in perpetuity, it’s also not ideal that large swathes of games can, at any time, just disappear on the whims of the store operator. So how can we ensure that older games can be enjoyed by future generations without the expense of maintaining aging digital infrastructure or violating existing copyright laws? Video game preservationists are doing the work at the intersection between these two points.”

Ubergizmo: Scammers Have Found New Ways Of Installing Malicious Apps On iOS Devices. “There are still some people who believe that due to Apple’s walled garden approach that its devices, like the iPhone and iPad, are ‘immune’ to malware, but over the years, this has been proven wrong again and again. In fact, more recently a blog post by security research firm Sophos has uncovered a couple of new ways that scammers are taking advantage of.”


The Atlantic: Trolls Aren’t Like the Rest of Us. “Many people who engage in online harassment are not what most of us would consider to be well-adjusted. In 2019, scholars writing in the journal Personality and Individual Differences surveyed 26 studies of internet ‘trolling,’ cyberbullying, and related antisocial online behaviors. They found significant associations with psychopathy, Machiavellianism, sadism, and narcissism, in that order. In other words, just as you would conclude that a stranger attacking you in person is badly damaged, you can conclude the same about a stranger attacking you on social media.”

Search Engine Journal: Nearly 50% Of Twitter Users Tweet Less Than 5 Times A Month. It most definitely not me. “A new study from Pew Research Center finds 49% of US adults on Twitter qualify as ‘lurkers.’ Pew Research Center defines lurkers as infrequent tweeters who have posted less than five tweets per month since they first opened their account. Moreover, when lurkers do tweet, they’re more likely to reply to someone else’s tweets rather than post their own.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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