Critical Vehicle Safety Recalls, Idaho Public Meeting Information, Center for Black Literature & Culture, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 23, 2022


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Consumer Alert: NHTSA Launches New Website Feature for Critical Safety Recalls. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is providing a new tool to vehicle owners to help them quickly identify if their vehicle has an urgent safety recall where the vehicle should not be driven or parked inside until fixed.”

Big Country News: Idaho Unveils new Website Aimed at Centralizing Public Meeting Information for State Agencies. “On Tuesday, Idaho Governor Brad Little and State Controller Brandon Woolf unveiled the new… online one-stop-shop for all public meeting information for state executive branch agencies.”

WRTV: Center for Black Literature & Culture debuts new website, interactive kiosks. “The Central Library in Downtown Indianapolis is home to the Center for Black Literature & Culture (CBLC), but you don’t have to even be in the State of Indiana to access one of its newest community resources….The CBLC also has a new website, bringing users artifacts, videos, photo galleries and more.”


Genealogy’s Star: Update: Looking at the Latest Changes. “If you use the website frequently, you are probably aware that many parts of the website have been changing over the past year or so. On the other hand, if you only visit the website infrequently, you may be overwhelmed with the changes. However, in my opinion, the changes are mostly cosmetic and don’t change the fundamental use of the website.”


Mashable: The 9 best Wordle clones for fans and gamers . “It’s been four months since we first heard the name ‘Wordle’ and, believe it or not, that little game-that-could is still chugging along, picking up new players every day. And when you love something you learn to let it go, or you make a clone of it to satisfy your own niche interests. Check out the most fannish copies of Wordle made to delight Potterheads, Swifties, ARMY, gamers, and more below.”


The Verge: How The EU Is Fighting Tech Giants With Margrethe Vestager. “Margrethe Vestager is one of the driving forces behind tech regulation worldwide. Appointed as the European Commission’s commissioner of competition in 2014 and an executive vice president in 2019, she’s pursued antitrust cases against Apple, Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Amazon among others. Now, with the EU on the verge of implementing a new antitrust law called the Digital Markets Act, Vestager is planning her next moves.”

Tapei Times: Control Yuan to investigate mass data loss at PTS . “Two Control Yuan members are to investigate the deletion of about 424,000 news clips at Public Television Service (PTS), in an incident that exposed cybersecurity issues at government agencies. PTS on Tuesday said that a contractor on Feb. 8 mistakenly deleted news clips produced between 2017 and January from its digital archive. Although more than 320,000 clips were recovered by Friday last week, nearly 80,000 were lost, the network said.”


Triangle Business Journal: New UNC center will examine social media’s impact on teenage mental health. “On Tuesday, the university unveiled the Winston National Center on Technology Use, Brain and Psychological Development, led by researchers and professors Mitch Prinstein and Eva Telzer. The center builds on research from an initiative established three years ago with the Winston Family Foundation, whose gift is supporting this new center. The center will allow researchers to further study the link between technology use and teen mental health and support ways to disseminate the information and educate parents, teachers and teenagers.”

EFF: Ban Online Behavioral Advertising. “Tech companies earn staggering profits by targeting ads to us based on our online behavior. This incentivizes all online actors to collect as much of our behavioral information as possible, and then sell it to ad tech companies and the data brokers that service them. This pervasive online behavioral surveillance apparatus turns our lives into open books—every mouse click and screen swipe can be tracked and then disseminated throughout the vast ad tech ecosystem. Sometimes this system is called ‘online behavioral advertising.’ The time has come for Congress and the states to ban the targeting of ads to us based on our online behavior. This post explains why and how.”


The Gamer: New Website Shows You Twitch Streams With Zero Viewers. “It’s incredibly hard to make it big on Twitch. All the success stories we hear about are the very top one percent of people on the platform. But what about the other 99 percent, or the one percent at the other end of the spectrum, those with no viewers at all? A website made by Jack Kingsman connects viewers with the viewerless, and it’s actually quite sweet.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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