Delta Air Lines, UK Butterflies & Moths, Mozilla Developer Network, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, March 26, 2022


University of Georgia Libraries: Delta Air Lines Documents Available Online Through the Digital Library of Georgia. “The collection contains Delta Air Lines’ digitized timetables, flight maps, and annual reports for the past century through its expansions, moves, and mergers with other airlines to become the aviation industry leader in the United States.”

Butterfly Conservation: Database brings together all known ecological facts about UK butterflies and moths for the first time. “Butterfly Conservation and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have worked together on the database, which has collated information that previously existed in a wide range of sources such as field guides, books and journals. Until now, most of this information wasn’t available in a single location nor in a digital format. The new database has brought this information into one usable, digital resource. This involved many months of inputting data from books into spreadsheets, categorising data, and condensing the data into a suitable format for use in data analysis software such as R.”


TechCrunch: Mozilla launches paid subscriptions to its Developer Network. “Mozilla today launched MDN Plus, a paid subscription product on top of the existing (and recently re-designed) Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), one of the web’s most popular destinations for finding documentation and code samples related to web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The new subscription offering will introduce features like notifications, collections (think lists of articles you want to save) and MDN offline for when you want to access MDN when you’re not online.”

The Hill: Khan’s Black News Channel to shut down: report. “Black News Channel, whose majority stakeowner is Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, is shutting down as soon as Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing two people familiar with the matter. The people briefed on the matter told the newspaper that Khan did not want to continue investing in the news outlet. Employees were told on Thursday that their paychecks would be delayed and the company did not make payroll the following day.”

Yarns and Fibers: Open Apparel Registry promotes supply chain transparency. “The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is a free, open data tool that maps garment facilities around the world and assigns each one a unique ID…. Its most recent move, which it claims is it’s most significant since launch, means that all users can now contribute to and search for a new collection of facility data points in the tool. These data points are: Number of workers, Parent company, Type of facility, Type of product, and Type of processing.”


The Conversation: TikTok is propagandists’ new tool to win elections in Southeast Asia. “Propagandists’ strategic manoeuvring of public opinion on social media remains a dangerous threat to democracy in Southeast Asia. Over the years, strategic use of cybertroopers in Southeast Asian countries has been prominent, especially during the election periods. Political actors have attempted to sway public opinion via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to push for a political narrative to garner more supporters in the region. Now, TikTok, as the most downloaded app in Southeast Asia would serve as a new strategic tool for propagandists to push for political narrative during the electoral period.”

Chicago Inno: A mix of Cameo, ‘The Voice’ and MasterClass, Protégé wants to change how talent is discovered. “Here’s how it works: Protégé lets you send a 60-second video clip to anyone in its network of famous musicians, vocal coaches and other industry experts. The expert reviews the video and sends back a video response with feedback. The user, who pays between $10 and $200 depending on the expert, gets valuable feedback and a personal connection with a prominent person in their field. But there’s the potential for an even greater opportunity⁠ — to work directly with the star or have your work featured in one of their songs.”


Bloomberg: Google Rebukes DOJ Claim It Hid Documents by CC’ing Lawyers. “Alphabet Inc.’s Google is pushing back on U.S. Justice Department claims that it improperly used attorney-client privilege to conceal documents in the government’s monopoly lawsuit against the company.”

Bleeping Computer: Hundreds of HP printer models vulnerable to remote code execution. “HP has published security advisories for three critical-severity vulnerabilities affecting hundreds of its LaserJet Pro, Pagewide Pro, OfficeJet, Enterprise, Large Format, and DeskJet printer models.”

Reuters: US FCC adds Russia’s Kaspersky, China telecom firms to national security threat list. “The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday added Russia’s AO Kaspersky Lab, China Telecom (Americas) Corp and China Mobile International USA to its list of communications equipment and service providers deemed threats to U.S. national security.”


Canadian Grocer: Why Statistics Canada is changing how it monitors food prices. “There is no doubt this change was needed as the list of products was quite dated. In fact, even if you go back 25 years, the list was quite immaterial for most of us. For example, seafood is a huge industry for Canada, and canned salmon was the only fish that Statistics Canada was monitoring the last 25 years. The produce category only had a handful of options, the only option in the juice category was orange, and the vegetable protein category was nonexistent. Today, vegetable proteins are consumed by a growing number of Canadians. However, once the new list comes out, Statistics Canada says we can’t go back beyond March 2022 to access food prices.”

Michigan Daily: Memes: The sixth love language. “There is some truth in the idea that people our age spend an exorbitant amount of time looking at screens. Studies show that Gen Zers may spend almost nine hours a day interacting with technology. But in an increasingly digitized and globally connected world, it’s almost impossible to escape spending time online, whether it’s for academic, occupational or social reasons. Need I remind you that my generation just celebrated our two-year anniversary of attending ‘Zoom University.’ As a result, young people have created spaces on the internet for interactive freedom. Digital self-expression has become the new, sixth love language of intimate connection — and memes are at the forefront of this modern form of communication.” Good morning, Internet…

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