Indonesia Graphic Design, Yandex, Twitch, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 2, 2022


It’s Nice That: Grafis Nusantara shines a light on a forgotten part of Indonesian graphic culture. “With the new release of the Grafis Nusantara Zine and an online digital archive, this collection of stickers and labels from the 1970s through to the 1990s is set to bring Indonesian graphic history to the wider world.”


Reuters: Yandex director general steps down two weeks early – TASS. “Elena Bunina is stepping down as director general of Yandex’s principal operating subsidiary, Yandex LLC, Russia’s biggest technology company, TASS news agency said on Saturday, before her tenure is due to expire on April 15.”

Kotaku: Twitch Pauses ‘Boost’ Feature After Porn Sneaks Onto Front Page. “Twitch just can’t seem to scrub porn off its platform. Thanks to the ‘Boost This Stream’ feature the Amazon-owned company introduced last October, viewers are paying to promote, or ‘boost,’ sexually explicit content onto the platform’s front page. Unsurprisingly, Twitch has paused the boosting feature indefinitely.”


New York Times: How Civil War History Explains Memestocks. “Over the past century and a half, finance in the United States has been characterized by an ebb and flow of who feels Wall Street is for them, who feels (or is) excluded. Understanding how we got where we are now is one way to demystify the Reddit-based investing revolution, which is powered by a conspiracy theory along with a deep resentment of the way real power and wealth seem so out of reach for most people these days.”

NewsIn Asia: Sri Lanka imposes nationwide social media blackout. “The incident comes as the government declares a state of emergency, imposing curfews to counter widespread protests over the economic crisis.Real-time network data show that the restrictions are coming into effect across multiple providers around midnight, corroborating user reports of unavailability on leading network providers.”


Washington Post: Hackers hit popular video game, stealing more than $600 million in cryptocurrency. “In a brazen attack on popular video game Axie Infinity, hackers swiped $625 million in cryptocurrency, the game company’s executives said Tuesday, marking one of the largest crypto-thefts to date amid rising rates of such crime.”

AFP: France Punishes Google Over Contracts For App Developers. “French judges have ordered Google to rewrite the contracts it uses for app developers after officials said they were ‘imposing tariffs’ on startups.”

National Post (Canada): Law to make tech companies like Google pay for Canadian news content to be tabled within days. “Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez is poised to bring forward legislation within days to make digital giants compensate Canadian media outlets for reusing their news content. The bill is modelled on a law in Australia making tech companies, such as Google, pay for news content on their platforms.”


Spotted on Twitter: Welcome to Open Address File UK. “Unlike most countries, in the UK, our address data is not maintained by the government and free. Instead, it’s owned and managed by private companies and public sector bodies, in a complex and costly tangle of intellectual property rights and contracts. As a result, the UK’s address data is difficult to correct, and expensive to use. This makes life harder for people and businesses. We want to fix that.”

Ars Technica: Robotic dog will be on patrol in Pompeii. “The nearby volcano blackened the sky and swallowed the city in clouds of ash; centuries later, robot dogs now prowl the ruins, guarding the city’s dead against the ravages of time. That’s not a movie plot. It’s what’s actually happening at the 2,000-year-old Roman ruins of Pompeii, in Southern Italy. Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot, will help archaeologists and preservation crews by patrolling the 66-hectare site for signs of erosion, damage, and looting.” Good evening, Internet…

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