Digital Arabic Lexicon, TikTok, Google Maps, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 6, 2022


Bahrain News Agency: Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre launches Digital Arabic Lexicon Website . “The website features the most common Arabic expressions as per digital Arabic blogs, boasting an innovative design including advanced features and illustrations that go with each term, audio features to learn correct pronunciations, and other options to clarify ideas and provide detailed explanations for non-Arabic speakers.”


The Verge: Biden group launches TikTok account to boost the president’s agenda. “The Biden-affiliated nonprofit group Building Back Together plans to launch its own TikTok account on Wednesday as part of the group’s latest effort to engage young people with the president’s agenda ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.”

Tom’s Guide: Google Maps is about to get even better — especially if you use iPhone. “Nothing is ever final at Google Maps, and no matter how many new features or improvements come to the app there are always more around the corner. A few more upgrades are on the way, including new mobile design and iOS-exclusive features for those of you rocking an Apple phone.”


The Guardian: From grief to paw prints, people share Ireland census ‘time capsule’ messages. “Some were funny, some were angry, some were utterly heartbreaking and all were written in the same blank space of Ireland’s census form, a ‘time capsule’ section. In what Ireland’s Central Statistics Office says is a world first, the official census left a blank space for people to leave messages for future generations. The voluntary section of the 27-page form is to be made public in 100 years but many people have shared their messages on social media.”

Travel+Leisure: This Airline Made for Social Media Influencers Is Taking Creators to Coachella — How to Snag a Ticket. “It’s all about the likes for this new airline, which is designed to fly social media influencers to the most Instagram-friendly events throughout the country. Willa Air — which was launched by Willa, a payment platform for freelancers — is offering influencers free tickets on a private jet along with enviable perks for those who apply. And its inaugural flight is to — appropriately — Coachella.”


SecurityWeek: Google Doubles Rewards for Nest and Fitbit Vulnerabilities. “Google on Tuesday announced that security researchers submitting eligible Google Nest and Fitbit vulnerability reports through its bug bounty program can now receive double the usual bounty payouts.”

Reuters: German consumer group files legal complaint against Google over cookie banners. “A German consumer office has submitted a legal complaint against Google over its use of cookie banners, which the office argues are designed in a way that violates data protection rules.”


Bloomberg: Google Paper Cites Research at Center of Its Staff Firestorm. “Google in 2020 and 2021 dismissed the two co-heads of its artificial intelligence ethics team in a dispute over research that was critical of the company’s work. Now, Google Research has published another paper on the same topic that cites the original work that led to the removal of the two leaders, Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell.”

EFF: Google Fights Dragnet Warrant for Users’ Search Histories Overseas While Continuing to Give Data to Police in the U.S.. “Keyword search orders are becoming increasingly common in the U.S.—but Google seemingly hasn’t fought nearly as hard to protect the privacy of its U.S. users. We aren’t aware of any cases in which Google has pushed back against keyword search warrants in the U.S. In fact, we have no idea how many keyword warrants Google receives or how it responds to them at all, because Google has kept that information entirely secret.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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