Fire Island DJ Sets, Google I/O, NYC Vital Records, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, April 30, 2022


New York Times: Hidden in a Fire Island House, the Soundtrack of Love and Loss. “The tapes, which were accumulated from 1979 to 1999, capture the sonic evolution of disco into more modern house music — often on the very same night. More than a catalog, the tapes are the soundtrack to a critical juncture in gay history as the AIDS crisis emerged and a new generation of activists fought for their rights and survival.”


9to5 Google: Google previews I/O 2022 schedule, ‘What’s new’ keynotes, and sessions. “With I/O 2022 just two weeks away, Google this afternoon previewed the schedule for its developer conference. It starts with Sundar Pichai’s ‘Google I/O keynote’ on Wednesday, May 11 at 10 a.m. An end time was not listed, while the Developer keynote follows it.”


Geneanet: NYC Vital Records Are Online Now in New York: A Guide. “Last month, New York City made available online over 9 million birth, marriage and death certificates! Previously, these images were only available at a FamilySearch Family History Center or as a certified hardcopy from the archives. Read our guide to get the most out of the portal’s new search screen.”

Noupe: 8 Best URL Shorteners. “If you want to shrink long and bulky URLs to short and limited characters, URL shorteners are your go-to tools. These shortened URLs send the user to the same page or website where the original link was meant to direct them. But, in addition to shortening, these tools help you track analytics like clicks, retargeting, UTM parameters, and audience analytics.”


Ars Technica: So long Wordle—Knotwords is my new daily word game obsession. “For players ready for a bit more depth in their daily word puzzles, I can’t recommend Knotwords enough. The game combines the jigsaw-like intersecting letter arrangements of a crossword puzzle with the positional logic of a math puzzle like kenken, creating a truly unique and addictive brain teaser. After spending a week tearing through dozens of Knotwords puzzles, I’m pleased to say I’m still eager for more.”

Kotaku: Discord Is Getting Newfound Attention Now That Elon Musk Owns Twitter. “In the wake of Musk’s purchase, conversation on the app turned to where people flying the coop might go, and one name was floated as a viable alternative more than any other. Discord, once seen as a niche messaging tool primarily for gamers, began trending on Twitter as many advocated for a mass exodus to the platform. Whether such an exodus actually manifests or not, the chatter indicates that perceptions around Discord have shifted, and that the app might be poised for a mainstream breakthrough.”

American Banker: Banks bid for viral fame with videos and influencers on Instagram. “Bankers across the country are capitalizing on the social media channel. Dunroe, a social media analytics company, tracks more than 1,400 institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Instagram, which CEO Cameron MacNiven says he expects is close to comprehensive. But banks continue to add accounts and to use videos and influencers to boost brand awareness among Instagram’s billion-plus monthly users.”


WIRED: You Need to Update iOS, Android, and Chrome Right Now. “APRIL HAS BEEN a big month for security updates, including emergency patches for Apple’s iOS and Google Chrome to fix vulnerabilities already being used by attackers. Microsoft has released important fixes as part of its mid-April Patch Tuesday, while Android users across multiple devices need to make sure they are applying the latest update when it becomes available. Here are all the April updates you need to know about.”

Engadget: Epic asks court to stop Google’s removal of Bandcamp from the Play Store. “Now that Epic Games is buying Bandcamp, it’s worried Google might pull the music app. In association with its antitrust lawsuit, Epic has filed for a preliminary injunction that would bar Google from removing or otherwise blocking access to Bandcamp on the Play Store.”

The Hill: Probe slams Minneapolis police over racism, fake social media accounts. “A newly released probe found that the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) engaged in race-based policing, failed to hold officers accountable for wrongdoing, and improperly used social media accounts to target Black people and Black organizations.”


Newswise: ‘Eye-Catching’ Smartphone App Could Make It Easy to Screen for Neurological Disease at Home . “Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a smartphone app that could allow people to screen for Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and other neurological diseases and disorders—by recording closeups of their eye.”


Los Angeles Times: UC to pay full tuition for Native American students from federally recognized tribes. “Many Native American students will receive free tuition at the University of California starting in the fall semester. In a letter sent to UC chancellors, President Michael V. Drake said that tuition will be covered for all California residents from federally recognized Native American, American Indian and Alaska Native tribes through existing state and university financial aid programs. Scholarships for residents from the state’s non-federally recognized tribes may be available through other organizations.” Good morning, Internet…

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