Quotable Minnesota, Twitter Privacy, Airbnb, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 12, 2022


Minitex: MDL Releases New Online Exhibit: Quotable Minnesota. “The Minnesota Digital Library published a new online exhibit titled ‘Quotable Minnesota.’ This exhibit features several quotes from Minnesota’s artists, authors, musicians, leaders, and more. Their inspiring words are illustrated by some of our favorite images from MDL collections.”


Gizmodo: Twitter’s New Privacy Policy Is a Video Game That Sucks. “Twitter unveiled a game designed to help users get a handle on the platform’s privacy policies on Tuesday. It’s both cheery and deeply confusing.”

Travel+Leisure: Airbnb Launches New Search Feature to Help Travelers Find Any Type of Home — From A-frame Cabins to Castles. “When users visit Airbnb, they are now presented with 56 categories that organize homes into curated collections based on their unique style, location, or proximity to travel activity.”


Self: How to Find Support If Social Media Is Hurting Your Mental Health . “For so many of us, scrolling through Instagram or TikTok feels as unconscious as breathing. Your phone is a powerful tool—it can transport you to any world you want it to. The interests you find joy in, whether they be fashion, music, politics, pop culture, or home decor, are more accessible than ever. So why does social media make us so damn unhappy sometimes?”


TechCrunch: Copper is building ‘the Instagram for book lovers’. “The founder and CEO of Copper, Allison Trowbridge wanted to build a social network that revolves around books, connecting authors and fans through in-app discussions and live events. As an author herself, she also wanted to help writers find new income streams, whether that’s through ticketed virtual events, or just generating enough conversation around a book that more people buy it.”

BuzzFeed News: She Was Single. She Wanted A Baby. So She Did It Herself.. “In recent years, SMBCs have formed small but rich and tight-knit online communities like the 4,000-member-strong Single Mother by Choice subreddit, where they help one another navigate the complexities of this path. Topics include how to find a sperm donor, what to say to your friends and family, whether to do insemination through a fertility clinic or the ‘DIY’ method, and how to prepare your finances for a child.”

AdWeek: Raça Magazine and FCB Brasil Launch Digital Tool to Amplify Black Voices. “According to the publication and agency, on average, people use only 33 characters when they tweet, while the platform allows for up to 280 characters. The digital tool automatically fills in the unused space with Black references and information matching the topic someone is tweeting about. The database of references is also based on 25 years of articles published on Raça Magazine.”


Mashable: Twitter shareholder Elon Musk is reportedly being investigated by the SEC. Again.. “Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, investors who acquire over 5 percent of a publicly traded company are required to file a report notifying the SEC within 10 days of the acquisition. Musk bought enough Twitter shares to pass this 5 percent threshold on March 14, putting the deadline for disclosure at March 24. However, rather than notifying the SEC of his shiny new Twitter stocks, Musk waited until the deadline passed before buying even more shares, putting his stake at 9.2 percent.”

ProPublica: Intuit Will Pay Millions to Customers Tricked Into Paying for TurboTax. “Millions of Americans will receive money from Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, as part of a $141 million settlement between the Silicon Valley company and all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The company will send up to $90 apiece to more than 4 million people who paid for TurboTax software even though they were eligible to receive it for free.”


University of Maryland Baltimore: New Center Brings Virtual Reality Research Into Focus. “The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) is the joint recipient of $4.75 million in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish a new Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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