Portuguese Architecture, Open Maps for Europe, Digital Storytelling, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 16, 2022


e-flux Architecture: The Digital Building: Casa da Arquitectura. “Portuguese Centre for Architecture is delighted to announce the launch of the Digital Building on May 13, in a presentation event that will be broadcast online…. The Digital Building is a set of three online platforms that will make available, free of charge and in a bilingual version—Portuguese and English—progressive access to scanned materials from the collections and estates of architects such as Eduardo Souto de Moura, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, João Luís Carrilho da Graça and Lucio Costa, among many others.”

From late September but I missed it. GIM International: Open Maps For Europe Releases First Datasets. “Users can now access the first free-to-use maps via the Open Maps For Europe online gateway. Four open datasets created using official national map, geospatial and land information from members of EuroGeographics are included in this first release.”


Europenana Pro: Get inspired by examples of digital storytelling in action. “This month, Europeana and the Heritage Lab are running the digital storytelling festival, encouraging people to tell stories with digital cultural heritage. Members of the Europeana Communicators Community Steering Group share examples of the stories told online and in digital formats that excite them – and can inspire you!”


WIRED: How to Turn Any Document Into a PDF . “PDFs remain ubiquitous and straightforward to use, and it’s not difficult to generate them from just about any app without expensive tools or complicated processes. If you want or need to deal in PDFs, follow the steps below to see what your options are, depending on the files and platforms you’re working with.”

Digital Inspiration: How to Auto-Download Podcasts to Google Drive with Google Sheets. “This tutorial describes how you can use Google Sheets to build your own podcast manager. You can specify a list of your favorite podcast shows in Google Sheets and it will automatically download new episodes to your Google Drive in neatly organized folders. The setup is very simple, the app is completely open-source and you need no programming language.”


BuzzFeed News: BYU’s “Black Menaces” Are Quizzing Fellow Students About Their Problematic Opinions. “A group of TikTok creators at Brigham Young University, a predominantly Mormon college, call themselves the Black Menaces — even if those watching simply see them as doing god’s work. In one of their first videos, Rachel Weaver, who is Black, asks a white BYU student if he believes that God approved the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints banning Black people from joining the priesthood until 1978.”

Irish Times: Sinn Féin’s targeting of voters through social media has paid off. “In a campaign dubbed safe and lacklustre by many commentators, Sinn Féin’s targeting of younger and disconnected voters through videos on platforms such as TikTok – where it has 80,000 followers alone – Instagram and Facebook has been linked in part to its historic win.”


New York Times: After Buffalo Shooting Video Spreads, Social Platforms Face Questions. “Mass shootings — and live broadcasts — raise questions about the role and responsibility of social media sites in allowing violent and hateful content to proliferate. Many of the gunmen in the shootings have written that they developed their racist and antisemitic beliefs trawling online forums like Reddit and 4chan, and were spurred on by watching other shooters stream their attacks live.”

CNN: Dissection by TikTok: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial posts are making accidental influencers out of some, targets out of others. “Sophie Doggett, whose TikTok was previously populated by videos on everyday things such as herself or her pets, posted to her TikTok account on April 25 a clip of Heard’s lawyer asking a question of a witness and then immediately objecting to the response. It is one of many moments in the trial that has been seized upon by people like Doggett, as clips of testimony and references to the case have pervaded TikTok in a way that no trial has before…. Doggett, who paired the clip to playful music, said she gained 30,000 followers seemingly overnight from the post which has, to date, been viewed more than 5 million times.”

JD Supra: UK Considers How to Tackle Trend of Social Media Influencers Promoting Counterfeit Products. “The United Kingdom’s intellectual property laws provide to rights owners important protections, which encourage creativity and drives the free market economy. However, changing attitudes around counterfeits, the growth of the digital economy, and the continued influence of social media have culminated in ever-increasing violations of such rights, potentially resulting in direct harm to the market, stalled development, and the undermining of public welfare. More recently, influencers have come under scrutiny for facilitating trade in counterfeit products.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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