Elizabeth Cotten, Prison Newspapers, Mozilla Thunderbird, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 18, 2022


University of North Carolina Libraries: Elizabeth Cotten: Resource and Subject Guide. “With the recent announcement of Elizabeth Cotten’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I thought today would be the perfect time to release this resource guide.”


JSTOR Daily: The Angolite Comes to the Reveal Digital American Prison Newspapers Collection. “The Angolite is one of the most famous prison newspapers in history, having won multiple awards and changed the popular conception of what prison journalism could be. The paper is produced by the people incarcerated at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, colloquially known as Angola for the slave plantation that preceded it…. At present, the sprawling prison farm is 28 square miles, 18,000 acres. It is the largest maximum-security prison in the United States, and the state of Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation.”

How-To Geek: Here’s How Mozilla Thunderbird Is Making a Comeback in 2022. “Thunderbird has been around since 2003, but it has stalled in recent years due to dwindling interest from Mozilla and limited funds. However, the project is now making a resurgence, and it might be worth your time to try Thunderbird.”


If you haven’t had a good swim around Larry Ferlazzo’s site you’re missing out. The man himself: Three Accessible Ways To Search For & Find My “Best” Lists. “As regular readers know, I have about 2,200 categorized and regularly updated ‘Best’ lists. You can find all of them in broad categories here. The link to that page can also be found at the top right of my blog: My Best Of Series I also have them all on another page where they are listed in the chronological order in which I originally posted them.”

Digital Photography Review: LensKit is a new iOS app that helps you pick the right camera, lens for your next video shoot. “Zak Ray, a cinematographer, colorist and developer who creates apps for filmmakers, has released LensKit, a new tool that makes it easy to plan a video shoot. LensKit consists of a comprehensive database of adapters, cameras and lenses that work together to show you what lenses can be used on what cameras, what their equivalent focal length will be based on the camera’s format and more.”

Lifehacker: You Should Know How to Scan a QR Code From a Screenshot. “While the iPhone directly integrates QR code scanning in the Camera app, it doesn’t have an option for scanning QR codes from a screenshot. But that’s where trusted third-party apps and websites come in.”


CNET: Don’t Just Tour That Home Online. By All Means Judge It. “Whatever you love in a house, there’s a huge world for you beyond endless episodes of House Hunters and housing sites like Zillow and Trulia. There’s also a dedicated online community passionate about real estate, architecture or both who spend hours finding the most bizarre, incredible and horrifying homes in America and delivering them to their thousands of followers.”


KXAN: Almost 2 million Texans affected by Texas Department of Insurance data breach. “The department said the personal information of 1.8 million workers who have filed compensation claims — including Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and information about workers’ injuries — was accessible online to members of the public from March 2019 to January 2022.”


EurekAlert: Arcadia Fund supports Plazi in its endeavor to rediscover known biodiversity. “The Swiss-based Plazi NGO has received a grant of EUR 1.5 million from Arcadia Fund – a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin – to further develop its Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR) established in collaboration with Zenodo, the open science repository hosted and managed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and the open-access scholarly publisher and technology provider Pensoft.”

Phys .org: Scientists provide more than 57,000 camera trap images for massive study on Amazon wildlife. “Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) scientists working in the vast Amazon Basin have contributed more than 57,000 camera trap images for a new study published in the journal Ecology by an international team of 120 research institutions.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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