Open Source Software Packages, Wisconsin Startups, Chicago Programs for Teenagers, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 20, 2022


BusinessWire: Algolia Partners with Openbase to Launch Ultimate Search Engine for Open-Source Packages (PRESS RELEASE). “While other searching platforms typically result in hundreds of packages (including many that are irrelevant to developers’ needs), the new search engine that Algolia implemented for Openbase enables developers to filter results based on the specific frameworks that they use, such as React, Vue, Node or Django. For power users, the search functionality offers advanced filtering by the last commit to the project, GitHub stars, TypeScript support and more.”

BizTimes (Wisconsin): NVNG launches online, statewide database of startups to increase national exposure. “Madison-based NVNG Investment Advisors has launched an online database that aims to encapsulate all of the state’s startups. Called +Venture Wisconsin, the database was created to increase exposure of Wisconsin companies to national and international venture capital communities.”

City of Chicago: Mayor Lightfoot and First Lady Amy Eshleman Launch the My Chi. My Future. Mobile App to Connect Teens With Out-of-School Activities. “Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and First Lady Amy Eshleman today announced the launch of the My CHI. My Future. (MCMF) mobile app, a significant investment and resource designed to help teens easily find out-of-school programs, events, resources, jobs, and more. This is the first app of its kind nationwide created by a city government.”


CNET: DHS Puts Disinformation Governance Board on Pause. “The US Department of Homeland Security paused the newly minted Disinformation Governance Board less than a month after its formation. A review and assessment of the board will be conducted after it was ‘grossly and intentionally mischaracterized,’ the department said Wednesday.”

FindMyPast: Unearth workhouse records amid 200,000 new additions this week . “Discover two new indexes entirely exclusive to Findmypast. If that’s not enough, explore more than quarter of a million newspaper pages, freshly added to our archive. Here’s a rundown of everything that’s new.”


Hongkiat: 10 Best Web Highlighters for Desktop in 2022. “Have you used any web highlighters? It helps us improve our productivity by copying and pasting important texts you’ve found online automatically, saving good articles in your directory, and highlighting important sentences on articles so that you can remember them when looking back. In this article, I’ll introduce you to 10 useful web highlighters for the desktop.”


WIRED: Feds Warn Employers Against Discriminatory Hiring Algorithms. ” Hiring algorithms can penalize applicants for having a Black-sounding name, mentioning a women’s college, and even submitting their résumé using certain file types. They can disadvantage people who stutter or have a physical disability that limits their ability to interact with a keyboard. All of this has gone widely unchecked. But now, the US Department of Justice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have offered guidance on what businesses and government agencies must do to ensure their use of AI in hiring complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


MakeUseOf: What It’s Actually Like to Be a Reddit Moderator. “When you think of Reddit, you might picture a website full of memes and funny videos. But there’s a lot more to Reddit than meets the eye. In fact, Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of users and billions of page views every month. And behind the scenes of every subreddit, there are moderators. These are the people who keep the subreddit running smoothly and make sure that the content is up to snuff. So what’s it actually like to be a Reddit moderator?”

The Conversation: How the metaverse could change the purpose and feel of cities. “As more of our daily activities take place online, we believe it’s time to consider how this may eventually play out; if tomorrow’s city dwellers prefer the metaverse to brick-and-mortar stores and other urban amenities, what will it mean for cities and what purposes will cities ultimately serve? As professors in the departments of urban environment and digital culture we delve into this question and examine how the metaverse could profoundly change our relationships with urban spaces.”


Goldsmiths University of London: Impact of advert music on subconscious revealed. “Unlike previous studies, which only used a few tracks, the new research used an entire database of ad music tracks. This enabled the team to model and quantify the effect of different tracks on people’s subconscious. Drawing on over 600,000 consumer responses, the study found the right music can increase the emotional response to a video by up to 16.4%.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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