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RB Search Gizmos: Eliminate Recent Articles from Your Google News Search With “Back That Ask Up”

I didn’t get the Bellingcat Tech Fellowship, but I kept myself occupied while I was waiting to hear back. After I reviewed my application I realized I knew nothing about front-end development and that was a big weakness. I looked around, got my bearings, and enrolled in a JavaScript class. What I really want to do is work with API data, but as I’m learning that I need to practice what I do know.

So in the meantime I got a Glitch account and have started to figure out how to practically apply the JavaScript I’m learning. My first effort is a tool to eliminate recent articles from a Google News search. It’s embedded below – give it a try. If you don’t see it, make sure you don’t have any content blockers active. You can also access it directly at https://google-news-back-that-ask-up.glitch.me .

Stay tuned – learning JavaScript is giving me ideas and I’ve already got three other apps bubbling in the back of my head. If you can think of one of your search problems that might be solved with an app, leave a comment.

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