Electric Vehicle Batteries, Ultra-Processed Food, Job-Hunting for Disabled People, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, May 30, 2022


National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Battery Policies and Incentives Database Contributes to U.S. Efforts To Build a Secure Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain. “The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) new Battery Policies and Incentives database, developed and managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is helping to address the batteries need. The database is intended to help advance the adoption of zero-emission vehicles by providing information and data that inform the production of EV batteries and development of a secure domestic battery supply chain. The database allows users to search for policies and financial incentives by jurisdiction, battery chemistry, federal agency, status, and type, as well as other topics, to customize the information to each specific need.”

Northeastern University: Has Your Food Been Chemically Altered? New Database Of 50,000 Products Provides Answers. “In a paper published Tuesday in Nature Food, Giulia Menichetti, senior research scientist at Northeastern’s Network Science Institute, demonstrates that the concentrations of different nutrients in food follow a fixed pattern, and that the amount of any given nutrient in a food follows a similar mathematical formula. Inspired by these findings, her team determined that 73% of the U.S. food supply is ultra-processed, which they link to a higher risk of developing a variety of health issues. Their findings, which showed the level of processing for over 50,000 foods sold in the United States, were published in an online database for public use.”

KSDK: St. Louis woman born without arms creates site to help people with disabilities find jobs. “Looking for a job is tough for anyone, but there are additional unique challenges that exist for job seekers who have disabilities. One woman who was born without arms is helping job candidates with disabilities connect with employers using a cutting-edge platform she created. Letisha Wexstten is the founder and CEO of V15Able (pronounced ‘visible’).”

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: The faces of China’s detention camps in Xinjiang. “A new leak of Chinese government records reveals thousands of never-before seen mug shots of Uyghurs and other photos from inside the notorious internment camps, as well as new details of the national mass detention program.”


Subscription Insider: The Weather Channel Launches Livestream Subscription for $3 a Month. “For $2.99 a month, subscribers can access The Weather Channel Network’s livestream and their on-demand content library which includes original programming, interactive features, local forecasts, radar, real-time maps, and 24/7 weather alerts.”


Laughing Squid: Bionic Reading, A New Reading Method That Stresses Letters Within Words to Let the Brain Fill in the Rest. “Swiss typographic designer Renato Casutt has developed Bionic Reading, a new reading method that artificially emphasizes important letters of a written word and lets the brain fill in the rest. This method allows for deeper understanding with less concentration.” I have been using this with a social network I’m on. It doesn’t do much for me but I read pretty fast to start with. It’s not unpleasant.

Digital Inspiration: How to Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets using the WhatsApp API. “This tutorial describes how you can use the new WhatsApp API with Google Apps Script to send WhatsApp messages from Google Sheets. The same approach would also work for sending WhatsApp messages from Google Forms when new form submissions are received.”


ProPublica: She Warned the Grain Elevator Would Disrupt Sacred Black History. They Deleted Her Findings.. “Experts in the field of cultural resource management say that companies sometimes look away from findings or are asked to change them to make their developer bosses happy. The field is now dominated by for-profit firms like Gulf South that developers hire to comply with the federal law. As a result, these firms can operate not as preservation gatekeepers but as lock-pickers for private industry intent on development.”

NPR: Asian founders work to steer the narrative as beauty trends pull from their cultures. “As social media influencers mainstream and rebrand Asian-inspired techniques, wellness experts and founders in the Asian diaspora are trying to preserve the integrity of their cultures’ rituals. ‘If we — brands like us who are authentic in how we pursue this — don’t do that, then that’s where the stories and the culture gets lost,’ [Rooshy] Roy said. ‘And then, we think that, you know, Gwyneth Paltrow is the one who discovered turmeric, when in reality it’s like something that’s so sacred to our heritage for centuries.'”


New York Times: ‘Quantum Internet’ Inches Closer With Advance in Data Teleportation. “Scientists have improved their ability to send quantum information across distant computers — and have taken another step toward the network of the future.”

NewsWise: No ‘Echo Chambers’ in Reddit Climate Debate. “University of Exeter researchers examined the topics, information sources and the existence of different communities in Reddit climate discussions. They found little evidence of echo chambers – contrasting with previous research on Twitter which found discussions of climate change often occur within polarising echo chambers. However, the study did find evidence of polarisation, with the most common topic in climate-related posts and comments being “incivil debate” (containing name-calling and unfriendly language).”


Good Morning America: Teens fight book banning with their own banned book clubs. “As many school districts across the country continue to ban books, students are beginning to fight back by organizing protests and creating their own spaces to read and discuss these books. Sophomores Ella Scott and Alyssa Hoy of Austin, Texas, are two of many students leading the charge with The Vandergrift High School Banned Book Club.” Good morning, Internet…

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