Voices of Women Museum, Cuala Press Prints, Microsoft Teams, More: Wednesday ResearchBuzz, June 1, 2022


IOL (South Africa): ‘Voices of Women Museum’ opens online. ” The ‘Voices of Women Museum’ is now virtual and will be launched on Friday…. Developed as a concept in 2012, the museum has a substantial collection of about 3 000 women’s narratives and story cloths.” You’ll have to give the site a minute to load, but it’s worth the wait. One of the more polished virtual spaces I’ve visited, well done.

Trinity College Dublin: Cuala Press Prints Digitised And Available Online As Part Of Virtual Trinity Library. . “The Library of Trinity College, Dublin is delighted to announce that as part of an ongoing Virtual Trinity Library project, over one hundred images of Cuala Press prints are now available to view online on Trinity College Dublin’s Digital Collections platform.”


Engadget: Microsoft Teams goes beyond screen sharing for real-time collaboration. “What’s cooler than just sharing your screen with colleagues? Sharing live projects that everyone can edit at the same time. That’s at the heart of Microsoft’s new Live Share feature, which make it easier for Teams apps to enable real-time collaboration.”

MyHeritage Blog: MyHeritage Census Helper™ Gets a Major Upgrade. ” In the initial release, the Census Helper™ calculated a list of family members to find in the newly released 1950 U.S. census records as well as all available U.S. census collections. Now, we have expanded the Census Helper™ to include census records from other countries, so people with roots in places outside the U.S. can take advantage of it as well — and we’ve added some handy interface improvements that we’ll expand on below.”


MakeUseOf: 5 Travel Planning Apps With Live Maps to Plot a Trip Itinerary. “All the apps in this list come with maps that show all the locations you’re traveling to. It’s much better than using a Google Doc to write out your plan. Each app does something a little different or better than the others, so you’ll likely find exactly what you’re looking for in a travel planning app.”


Pitchfork: On Discord, Music Fans Become Artists’ Besties, Collaborators, and Even Unpaid Interns. “Unlike on other apps where creators compete for attention, everyone in a fan Discord is there for the artist. ‘You’re one button away—if you drop a song, post the link, and @ everyone, it sends everyone a ping to their phones,’ says 24-year-old music streamer Niz, who runs his own community and has set up servers for major-label hyperpop acts like glaive. ‘A lot of people might not see your story on Instagram.’ Artists have used the platform to preview new songs, solicit merch feedback, host beat competitions, and simply shoot the shit.”

Library of Congress: New Article Explores Preservation and Access to Two Historical Literary Audio Archives. “Following the presentation and great enthusiasm about working with one another, the same colleagues–along with Marcus Nappier from the Digital Content Management Section–were invited to publish a longer article, ‘Eighty years of literary audio archives at the Library of Congress: Preserving collections from the physical to digital,’ that outlined the rich history of the audio archives, and provided more details on the the digital preservation workflows to make these resources available on and the digital preservation practices ensuring the longevity of these assets.”


The Register: Zero-day vuln in Microsoft Office: ‘Follina’ will work even when macros are disabled. “Dubbed ‘Follina’, the vulnerability has been floating around for a while (cybersecurity researcher Kevin Beaumont traced it back to a report made to Microsoft on April 12) and uses Office functionality to retrieve a HTML file which in turn makes use of the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) to run some code. Worse, it will work in Microsoft Word even when macros are disabled.”

NBC News: Trans woman’s photo used to spread baseless online theory about Texas shooter. “Social media users and trolls on 4chan, Twitter and Facebook are using Sam’s photos and images of at least two other transgender women to spread the baseless theory that the shooter was transgender. In some cases, they have created collages that place the women’s photos alongside images from an Instagram page believed to have belonged to the shooter.”


Michigan Tech: Modeling the Mather B Helps Map Out Future for Old Mines and Clean Energy Storage . “A Michigan Tech student’s 3D model of an iconic Upper Peninsula iron mine helps researchers visualize and measure the energy storage potential that awaits in abandoned hard-metal mines.”

South China Morning Post: China forms grand plan to digitalise and connect the country’s cultural resources into a central database by 2025. “China has a grand plan to digitalise and connect the country’s cultural resources, from libraries to television channels, into a massive ‘digital culture infrastructure and platform’ by 2025. According to the newly published national strategy on ‘cultural digitalisation’ by the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council, the country will build a “national culture big data system” by 2035 to allow digitalised cultural products to be ‘shared by all people’.”


Classic FM: India’s ancient temples that ‘sing’ thanks to intricate musical architecture. “Within the Vijaya Vittala Temple in Hampi, South India are 56 pillars, each 3.6 metres high, which when gently tapped produce delicate musical notes. Tourists have been travelling to the UNESCO World Heritage Site for years to hear the over 500-year-old temple’s mesmerising music. The pillars, named SaReGaMa, are so-called after the first four notes (svaras) of the standard scale in Indian classical music – similar to the Western Do Re Mi Fa (solfège).” Good morning, Internet…

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