Internet Archive, Chinatown NYC, 1992 LA Uprising, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, June 4, 2022


Internet Archive Blog: New additions to the Internet Archive for May 2022. “Many items are added to the Internet Archive’s collections every month, by us and by our patrons. Here’s a round up of some of the new media you might want to check out. Logging in might be required to borrow certain items.”

NPR: A new app guides visitors through NYC’s Chinatown with hidden stories. “Composer George Tsz-Kwan Lam has always liked writing music inspired by places. ‘There are all these places in Chinatown that are both hidden and meaningful,” he says, stepping out of the way of passersby while leading a tour of the neighborhood. “To uncover some of those hidden things in a city walk that you might not ordinarily notice — I wondered, is there a piece in that?’ It turns out there’s not just a piece, but a whole app.”

UCLA: New website offers Korean American view of 1992 L.A. uprising. “Compiled by a group of researchers, editors and students, the site contains hundreds of articles, images, and videos from the past 30 years that can help anyone better understand Sa I Gu in a way that centers the viewpoints of Korean Americans. The project was inspired by Pulitzer-nominated Korean American journalist K.W. Lee, who has been a trailblazer in American media during the past 50 years. It was made possible with the support of Jerry Kang, Korea Times-Hankook Ilbo Endowed Chair in Korean American Studies and Law.”


Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas: Free online course on mental health and journalism: Learn how to take care of yourself and responsibly report on mental health issues. “In a recent survey of nearly 1,000 Canadian media workers, 69% reported having anxiety and 46% reported suffering from depression. Fifty-three percent have sought out health professionals to deal with work-related stress and mental well-being. In response to this pervasive issue in our global journalism community, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, the Carter Center and The Self-Investigation are offering the free online course, ‘Mental health and journalism: How journalists can responsibly report on it and take care of themselves.'”


CNET: Google Reportedly Backs Down on Office Demands as Contractors Threaten to Strike. “Google Maps contractors were told they had to return to office on June 6, but received a 90-day extension three hours after telling management they were going on strike, according to a tweet Thursday by the Alphabet Workers Union. The 200-plus contractors, working for IT consulting company Cognizant Technology Solutions, say that the current return to office demands by Google are unsafe, according to the AWU.”

9to5Google: Google Assistant is losing the ability to set location-based reminders. “This removal comes as the system behind Assistant reminders has long been quite basic. Interactions done via voice are fine, but the list UI showing you everything is quite bad on Android. It certainly looks and feels like an afterthought. In fact, the banner telling users that Google Assistant’s location reminders are going away is not even legible with the new dark theme.”


Washington Post: Who won the Depp-Heard trial? Content creators that went all-in.. “The trial offered a potential glimpse into our future media ecosystem, where content creators serve as the personalities breaking news to an increasing numbers of viewers — and, in turn, define the online narrative around major events. Those creators can also bring in major personal profits in the process. In this new landscape, every big news event becomes an opportunity to amass followers, money and clout. And the Depp-Heard trial showed how the creator-driven news ecosystem can influence public opinion based on platform incentives.”

Fast Company: ‘If we grow Reddit, we are going to make the world a better place’ . “Founded by Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, Reddit has long been one of the most-visited websites in the U.S. But its user base of 50 million daily active users does not rival Twitter’s 229 million daily users or Snapchat’s 332 million, let alone Facebook’s 1.96 billion. That would seem to leave plenty of room for [Pali] Bhat to instigate product improvements that result in more growth—a critical goal as Reddit works its way toward an IPO.”


The Hacker News: YODA Tool Found ~47,000 Malicious WordPress Plugins Installed in Over 24,000 Sites. “As many as 47,337 malicious plugins have been uncovered on 24,931 unique websites, out of which 3,685 plugins were sold on legitimate marketplaces, netting the attackers $41,500 in illegal revenues. The findings come from a new tool called YODA that aims to detect rogue WordPress plugins and track down their origin, according to an 8-year-long study conducted by a group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology.”


Ars Technica: 1.1 quintillion operations per second: US has world’s fastest supercomputer. “The US has retaken the top spot in the world supercomputer rankings with the exascale Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee.”

University of North Carolina: Preserving endangered Islamic manuscripts. “Scholars from the department of African, African American and diaspora studies and a University Libraries digitization specialist traveled to Senegal and Mali to preserve and digitize 6,000 pages of handwritten Islamic manuscripts.”

France24: Scientists produce chimp genetic map to combat trafficking. “Scientists have produced the first genetic map of chimpanzees in the wild, offering a detailed reconstruction of the endangered species’ past migrations, and a new tool to combat illegal trafficking. The genomic catalogue, which includes 828 individuals from across their vast African range, can now be used to link kidnapped chimpanzees — or their meat and body parts — to their place of origin within 100 kilometers.” Good morning, Internet…

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