Pandora Papers, Australia/New Zealand Music Festivals, Google Hangouts, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, June 28, 2022


International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Sign up for a guided email tour of the Pandora Papers. “The Pandora Papers also explore how this shadow economy takes a global toll beyond lost tax revenue, harming everyday people and the public interest in often unexpected ways. To help readers navigate the vast scope of this investigation, this six-part guided tour will walk you through the most explosive stories and break down key findings, email-by-email over the next two weeks, right in your inbox.”

The Music Network: That Festival Site to Launch New Era For Australian and New Zealand Music Festivals. “Officially launching this month, the new site is the creation of 21-year-old founder Jack Malloch, who wanted to develop a one-stop place for festival lovers to easily find information about both upcoming and past music festivals. Data has been gathered for more than 95 festivals, featuring a massive 900 lineups, 19,000 artists, and 30 years of music. Information on ticket prices, set times, and festival maps can be found, with key announcement dates also provided.”


Engadget: Google Hangouts is shutting down this fall. “Hangouts holdouts will have to finally say goodbye to Google’s most resilient chat app later this year. On Monday, the company announced it would start migrating consumer Hangouts users to Chat before the former is no longer available after November 2022.”

ZDNet: Google makes Earth Engine available to all businesses and governments. “For the past decade, researchers in academia and the nonprofit world have had access to increasingly sophisticated information about the Earth’s surface. Now, any commercial or government entity will have access to Earth Engine.”


Make Tech Easier: 8 of the Best Reddit Clients for iOS and Android. “Whether you are a Reddit lurker or spend hours a day on the site, finding the best experience on your smartphone is important, but finding the best Reddit clients for iOS and Android isn’t always easy. This list includes the best Reddit clients for your mobile in no particular order.”


CNET: Twitch, YouTube Debaters Are Talking People Out of Dangerous Conspiracy Theories. “Debaters like [Hunter] Avallone spend hours each day discussing politics and current events, often pulling their viewers from the brink of the misinformation abyss. They’ve become an informal part of an alliance of fact-checkers and researchers who are fighting to promote facts about COVID-19, election security and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Scoop Empire: Egypt’s Enduring Cassette Culture. “To rewind and get a better sense of the history of cassette culture in Egypt and its stubborn perseverance in the digital age, I spoke with Andrew Simon, a historian of popular culture and media in the Middle East who has taken a particular interest in Egyptian cassette culture. In his recently published book entitled Media of the Masses: Cassette Culture in Modern Egypt, Simon explores these questions and more in a thoroughly enjoyable deep-dive into Egyptian cassette culture and its cultural and political implications.”


BusinessWire: CYBER.ORG Launches Project Access, a National Effort to Increase Access to Cybersecurity Education for Students with Disabilities (PRESS RELEASE). “Through the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Program (CETAP) grant, CYBER.ORG is pioneering a series of camps this summer in Arkansas, Maine, Virginia, and Michigan to introduce blind and vision impaired students to key cybersecurity topics, help them develop cybersecurity skills, and explore the possibility of a career in a growing industry.”

Associated Press: Company buying Trump’s social media app faces subpoenas. “The company planning to buy Donald Trump’s new social media business has disclosed a federal grand jury investigation that it says could impede or even prevent its acquisition of the Truth Social app.”


CSUDH: Student Podcast Brings Ancient Maya to Life. “What’s the best way to make an ancient civilization accessible to a wide audience? Ask Jackeline and Lesli Hernandez, and they will tell you that podcasting is the key. The two sisters, who both graduated from CSUDH in May with degrees in anthropology, started the podcast ‘Uncovering the Ancient Maya’ in Spring 2022 to provide accurate, historical insights about the Maya to the general public.” The sisters started the podcast with three episodes, but it looks like other students will help it continue.

Phys .org: Research finds that Google searches may be a predictor of domestic violence. “…a study just published in the European Journal of Population finds that Google searches are an effective tool to track and predict domestic violence, especially in times of crisis, such as the period that followed the COVID-19 outbreak. And policymakers could use these results to better devise surveillance/monitoring systems to contain, minimize, and even anticipate surges in domestic violence.”

Grocery Business Canada: Sunkist uses citrus fruit sorter that’s powered by Google AI. “The sorting and grading of citrus fruit just got a lot easier thanks to the fully-automated Sunsortai machine, a next-generation sorter from Sunkist Research and Technical Services. The revolutionary new sorter uses Google AI technology to assess the inherent quality of each piece it processes, including any potential defects.” Good morning, Internet…

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