EmilyBlaster, Cloud Computing Security, Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas, More: Wednesday ResearchBuzz, June 29, 2022


Boing Boing: Literary Hub has an 90s style “Mathblaster” game based on Emily Dickinson. “Literary Hub’s new game ‘EmilyBlaster’ could be the most engaging way to make students that are interfacing with Emily Dickinson’s work for the first time view the classic poems in a new light. Although the potential for enticing students to read Emily Dickinson exists, the game was actually created to serve as a tie-in to the novel Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.”

SecurityWeek: New Database Catalogs Cloud Vulnerabilities, Security Issues. “Cloud security company Wiz has announced the launch of a new database whose goal is to keep track of vulnerabilities and other security issues affecting cloud services.”

Local Journalism Initiative: Knowledge Basket shares database of Indigenous information to care for lands and water. “The Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership has officially launched a new initiative titled the IPCA Knowledge Basket. It will provide resources through a database to communities and officials involved with Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA). These are lands and waters where Indigenous governments have the primary role in protecting and conserving ecosystems.”


Search Engine Roundtable: Google Adds Pros & Cons To Search Result Snippets. “Normally when someone sends me a sophisticated search result snippet from Google and I dig in, I find a reason for how Google came up with this snippet. But it seems like in this case below, Google is being a bit more sophisticated and showing pros and cons in the snippet without the web site having mentioned pros and cons specifically.” Today in “What could possibly go wrong”….

How-To Geek: What’s New in Mozilla Thunderbird 102. “Thunderbird 102 isn’t the complete overhaul that some fans might be waiting for — the ‘completely modernized UI’ is scheduled for Thunderbird 114 next year. However, this update is a step in the right direction, with a few design tweaks and new features.”


CNN: ‘Watchdog moms’ on TikTok are trying to keep minors safe. “Seara Adair, a mother of two young daughters from Atlanta, revealed in a TikTok video last year that she was sexually abused by a family member as a child. In the next few weeks, her follower count grew by tens of thousands, many of whom appeared to be minors. After that, she started using the popular short-form video app to educate her followers about various digital dangers. She posted about the risks of being approached by strangers online and the problematic content found hidden in the deep corners of TikTok and other platforms.”

Hyperallergic: Warhol Foundation Grants $3.9 Million to 50 US Arts Organizations. “A few common themes emerged from the organizations and projects that received funding in this cycle. Some initiatives are social justice-oriented, highlighting issues surrounding Indigenous land rights, climate change and sustainability, and racial inequity. Others hope to train an eye on forgotten figures who have been buried in the historical archive as a result of structural forces that worked against them in their lifetimes: Several grants will support major museums and institutions that are putting on an underrepresented artist’s first solo exhibition or retrospective.”

BusinessWire: GRAMMY Museum® Grant Program Awards $200,000 for Music Research and Sound Preservation (PRESS RELEASE). “The GRAMMY Museum® Grant Program announced today that $200,000 in grants will be awarded to 16 recipients in the United States to help facilitate a range of research on a variety of subjects, as well as support a number of archiving and preservation programs.”


Engadget: Russia fines Airbnb, Twitch and Pinterest for not storing data locally. “Russia has fined Airbnb, Twitch and Pinterest for violating the country’s personal data legislation, Reuters reports. On Tuesday, a court in Moscow ordered all three companies to pay fines of 2 million roubles (approximately $37,700) for not storing the data of Russian citizens within the country.”

Bleeping Computer: US, Brazil seize 272 websites used to illegally download music. “The domains of six websites that streamed and provided illegal downloads of copyrighted music were seized by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Department of Justice. 266 other websites part of the same network were also taken down in Brazil, with six individuals arrested in 30 search and seizure raids across the country.”


WIRED: Democracy Is Asking Too Much of Its Data. “WE’VE ALLOWED OUR democracy to devolve into a game of musical chairs. The population of the United States has tripled, while states must fight over the same 435 seats and must see their fates determined by an algorithmic system plagued by arbitrary outcomes. It is time to enlarge the House of Representatives, a conclusion shared by a bipartisan committee of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.”

Galaxy Brain / The Atlantic: The “Hollow Abstraction” of Web3 . “I cannot stop watching videos of Web3 boosters failing to explain the usefulness of the technology. I realize this is petty, but the videos are deeply cathartic. I’m talking about two clips in particular, both of which were posted by Liron Shapira, a tech investor and writer, and a critic of crypto and Web3.” Good morning, Internet…

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