Moral Majority Collection, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Historical North Carolina, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, July 4, 2022


JSTOR: The Moral Majority: Collection of Primary Sources. “The Moral Majority collection, curated by Liberty University, contains materials generated during the ten years the organization was in existence. These include fundraising appeals, radio broadcast transcripts, issues of Moral Majority Report and the Liberty Report newsletter, theological statements by Elmer L. Towns (then Dean of Liberty Baptist Seminary), and diverse policy documents.”

National Museum of Industrial History: Museum Receives Grant To Digitize Bethlehem Steel Photo Collection. “Dozens of industrial photographers were employed by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation to capture iron and steelmaking activities in the plants, in the mines, on construction projects, in maritime and rail industries, and inside the largest steelmaking research and development facility in the world, at one time. This digitized collection is the result of a two year long process of identifying and selecting negatives, in an aim to represent the full extent of corporate operations during the first three quarters of the 20th century.”

State Archives of North Carolina: New Digital Collection: Revolutionary War Era. “The Digital Access Branch of the State Archives of North Carolina is pleased to announce the newest collection in the North Carolina Digital Collections, the Revolutionary War Era…. The Revolutionary War Era digital collection consists primarily of court records, legal documents, correspondence, reports, and journals from selected government and private collections.”

San Francisco Chronicle: Lost landmarks of the Bay Area. “In a city that has gone to war against sugary sodas, residents still took the 2020 loss of a Coca-Cola billboard hard, like someone was tearing down one of the Painted Ladies. When the Cliff House sign was removed — the art deco sign, not the actual Cliff House — hundreds arrived to mourn. So we’re building a virtual museum, tracking the most prominent lost landmarks of the last 50 years (including, sadly, more than a few that came down during the pandemic).”


UNESCO: UNESCO welcomes the signing of a historic agreement between Germany and Nigeria for the return of 1,130 Benin bronzes . “The declaration goes beyond a mere restitution and provides for ambitious cultural cooperation. Under the terms of the declaration, Germany is expected to participate in archaeological exploration work, provide training for Nigerian museum staff, help build a new museum in Benin and return looted Benin Bronzes from German museum collections, while promoting international travelling and joint exhibitions.”

Bing Blogs: New Bing Map Experiences: Distance Calculator, Gas Prices and Parking Finder. “Let’s take a little trip. It is raining in Seattle today (surprise, surprise), so we have decided to head to San Diego for the weekend as the weather should be better there. The first thing we want to do is figure out how far it is from Seattle to San Diego, as well as find nearby gas stations with an easy map experience. We’ve heard the drive is beautiful, especially along the Oregon coast, so let’s calculate the driving distance using the Bing Maps Distance Calculator.”


MakeUseOf: How to Take Incredible Fireworks Photos Using a Smartphone: 10 Tips. “Smartphone photography is a convenient way to get great photos without being weighed down with a heavy and bulky DSLR. You might think you need a professional camera setup to get amazing fireworks shots, but the camera in the palm of your hand is good enough. By using these smartphone photography tips, you can enjoy any fireworks display and get great photos without dragging a large camera bag along with you. Let’s jump right in.”


New York Times: A News Revolution for Young People Takes Root in France. “With 1.6 million subscribers on his main channel on YouTube, 2 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on TikTok, HugoDécrypte has become a leading news source for young French people. Mr. Travers has interviewed Bill Gates, President Emmanuel Macron of France and 10 of the 12 candidates in the country’s presidential election this year. His success, which has spawned several imitators, comes as interest in the news among young French people has fallen to the lowest level in 20 years, according to one poll.”


Read Max: What’s the deal with all those weird wrong-number texts?. “Over the next several months, alongside the spam calls and texts, I kept getting mysterious wrong-number texts, all of them clearly from scammers, but without an obvious angle. Nevertheless, they shared with the original charity-gala text a literary sense of narrative tension.”

NBC New York: NY Says Google Maps Search Is Sending Abortion Seekers to Anti-Abortion Clinics Instead. “New York Attorney General Letitia James is calling on Google to correct search results she says are directing abortion seekers to dangerous and misleading anti-abortion clinics in the state, her latest action to shore up abortion rights in the Empire State.”


The Conversation: I watched hundreds of flat-Earth videos to learn how conspiracy theories spread. “By studying how flat Earthers talk about their beliefs, we can learn how they make their arguments engaging to their audience, and in turn, learn what makes disinformation spread online. In a recent study, my colleague Tomas Nilsson at Linnaeus University and I analysed hundreds of YouTube videos in which people argue that the Earth is flat. We paid attention to their debating techniques to understand the structure of their arguments and how they make them appear rational.”

The Hindu: India adds 540 species to its faunal database, 315 taxa to its flora in 2021. “India added 540 species to its faunal database in 2021 taking the total number of animal species to 1,03,258. The country also added 315 taxa to the Indian flora during 2021, taking the number of floral taxa in the country to 55,048. Of the 540 faunal species, 406 are new discoveries and 134 new records to India. Thirteen new genera were also discovered in 2021. Among the new species discovered is one species from mammal, 35 reptiles and 19 species of pisces.” Good morning, Internet…

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