Rohingya Refugee Photography, SNES Video Game Manuals, Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts, More: Wednesday ResearchBuzz, July 6, 2022


NBC News: Young Rohingya photographers capture life in world’s largest refugee camp. “A new virtual exhibition explores the identity of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar living in the world’s largest refugee camp, through the lens of Rohingya photographers.”

Video Games Chronicle: An archivist has made every English-language SNES manual available online . “The user, who goes by the name Peebs online, has spent the last eight years playing through every SNES game on Twitch. However, while playing they noted that there wasn’t a resource online that provided a full archive of SNES game manuals. After a number of years, Peebs has now completed their own archive and made it available online for anyone to access.”


British Library Medieval Manuscripts Blog: Virtual private view of Gold on the British Library Player. “Many thanks to all of our readers who have visited the Gold exhibition of illuminated manuscripts at the Library; we’ve had some great feedback from you. … you can now watch two videos about the exhibition: (1) a highlights video outlining the exhibition and featuring curators discussing seven manuscripts in detail as a virtual private view; and (2) a film of a live question and answer session with the curators, chaired by Professor Alixe Bovey, Dean and Deputy Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art.”


WIRED: Worker-Owned Apps Are Redefining the Sharing Economy . “The growth rate of platform cooperatives is hard to pinpoint, because they don’t have to be registered with any government to exist. According to the UK’s Employee Ownership Association, the employee-owned sector (which includes platform cooperatives) has doubled in the UK since 2020 to over 1,030 companies.”

Sydney Morning Herald: ‘I became desperate’: the singer trying to recover her legacy from the ABC. “Marilyn Richardson, one of Australia’s finest ever opera singers, fears a chaotic approach to archiving at the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]– capped by a recent announcement of archivist staff cuts – could mean some of her historic performances have been lost forever. On one occasion, a family connection helped her track down a forgotten pile of recordings that had been left on a shelf in a locked room in a former ABC building in Adelaide.”

Axios: Influencers more integral than ever to marketers. “Influencers on social media have become so integral to the process of selling merchandise that they’ve become appendages to the largest marketing organizations in the world. Why it matters: Online creators, whether on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, have not only been filling a role to pitch products, but also to plug gaps in creativity as advertising agencies have shrunk.”


Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Rolling Back Corporate Concentration: How New Federal Antimerger Guidelines Can Restore Competition and Build Local Power. “When the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice announced plans to revise their merger guidelines earlier this year, it marked a dramatic shift from business as usual. Their announcements set the stage for a new era in antitrust regulation where mergers are not seen as inherent benefits to the market to be encouraged but rather as inherent threats of which to be skeptical.” A lot of tech industry competition in the last several years has been “If you can’t beat them, buy them and eat them”: if the commitment to antitrust regulation holds it’ll mean a lot.

MakeUseOf: What Is Double Barrel Phishing and Is It Dangerous?. “In a typical phishing scam, you’ll likely receive one malicious email, text, or instant message from an attacker. But in a barrel phishing scam, two or more messages will be sent. Let’s consider a barrel phishing email attack to understand why this is the case.”

BuzzFeed News: TikTok Shop Customers Are Worried That They’re Buying Fake Products. “TikTok launched its marketplace in September 2021, and since then vendors have sold items often at highly reduced prices, including a sunset lamp that has gone viral as well as the famous ‘TikTok water bottle’ that both sold for 99p…. Several videos have been posted on TikTok with users questioning the authenticity of the products sold.”


Smart Cities Dive: High-speed reality capture tool holds sustainability, preservation potential for cities . “A Los Angeles pilot plans to make the city’s buildings more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions using a digital twin. Chattanooga, Tennessee also uses a digital twin to anticipate and alleviate vehicle congestion in an effort to increase the energy efficiency of the city’s traffic. And it seems the trend will continue to grow. A recent report predicted that digital twin implementation will increase an average of 36% over the next five years in major industries.”

FedTech: Where Is Quantum Technology Going in the Federal Government?. “According to federal data, the U.S. budget for QIS [Quantum Information Science] research and development was roughly $900 million in fiscal 2022. That’s approximately double what the U.S. spent in this area in fiscal 2019, according to a report by the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science.”

New York Times: 3-D Printing Grows Beyond Its Novelty Roots. “The 3-D-printing foundry in Devens, Mass., about 40 miles northwest of Boston, is owned by VulcanForms, a start-up that came out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has raised $355 million in venture funding. And its work force has jumped sixfold in the past year to 360, with recruits from major manufacturers like General Electric and Pratt & Whitney and tech companies including Google and Autodesk.” Good morning, Internet…

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