2022 National Book Festival, Windows Media Player, Google, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 15, 2022


Library of Congress: The 2022 National Book Festival Lineup Reveal!. “The one-day, all-day festival — Saturday, Sept. 3, from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. — will feature more than 120 authors, poets and writers under the theme of ‘Books Bring Us Together.’… Can’t make it? No problem. Events on several of the stages will be livestreamed. Videos of all presentations will be made available on demand shortly after the festival.”


Ars Technica: New Windows Media Player app travels back in time, gains the ability to rip CDs. “In March, Microsoft enabled audio CD playback in the new version of Media Player, something that the old version had supported for pretty much as long as it had existed. And now, Microsoft is rolling out support for CD ripping in the new version of Media Player, presumably so that we can all convert our old Weezer and Matchbox 20 CDs into files we can copy over to our iPods and Zunes.”

Android Police: Celebrity search results on Google may soon look very different. “As ever, Google Search is experimenting with various changes, and one is a new series of rich cards that could appear at the top of your results when you search for a celebrity’s name.”

CNN: The SEC has asked Elon Musk more questions about his Twitter deal. “The Securities and Exchange Commission has continued to examine Elon Musk’s investment in and $44 billion deal to buy Twitter. A letter sent by the SEC to Musk on June 2 includes questions about the billionaire’s use of Twitter (TWTR) to discuss the deal, including his tweets about the deal being paused, according to a Thursday regulatory filing.”


CNET: Free Apps You Need to Download Before Starting College. “Based on my own college experience, and aided by some informal crowdsourcing on Slack, these are the apps that are essential for students to be prepared and successful. And in true college fashion, all of them are free to download and will help students save time and money.”


TechCrunch: You raises $25M to fuel its AI-powered search engine. “There’s a growing appetite for alternative search engines. At least, that’s the crux of the argument Richard Socher, the former chief scientist at Salesforce, likes to make. In 2020, Socher co-founded You, a search engine that uses AI to understand search queries, rank the results and parse the queries into different languages (including programming languages).”


NBC News: House approves measure to share information on UFO reports. “Congress took a step toward creating a database of UFO reports with House passage of a measure that would establish a ‘secure system’ to receive information about unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Reuters: DoJ expected to file antitrust lawsuit against Google in weeks – Bloomberg News. “The U.S. Department of Justice is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s… Google in weeks over its dominance in the online advertising market, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.”


University of Exeter: ‘Democratic AI’ makes more favoured economic policy decisions. “In a paper published in Nature Human Behaviour, researchers trained an artificial intelligence (AI) system named ‘Democratic AI’ to design a way of distributing the proceeds of an investment game and found that it was more popular with the players than any human-designed system.”

Newswise: Study Finds Plus Size Models Rising Presence on Social Media. “Collectively, 144 plus-sized models had 51 million followers and 190,000 total posts. While the top 10 highest paid mainstream models averaged 38 million followers compared to the top 10 plus sized models with an average of approximately 3.8 million followers, there was no significant difference between the average likes per post, comments per post and total posts between the top mainstream models and top plus-sized models.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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