Museum Job Salaries, Virginia Healthcare Costs, UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, July 15, 2022


Hyperallergic: New Database Shows Which Museum Job Boards Post Salaries. “The new database shows that some of the museum world’s most important organizations, like the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Cultural Resources Association, already require salaries to be posted. Others do not, including the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) (although AAM does urge employers to ‘be transparent about salary’ and ‘not ask for salary history’ in an Equitable Hiring Practices section of its website).”

WHSV: VHHA rolls out healthcare cost transparency tool. “The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association rolled out a new tool that helps patients understand healthcare costs, as well as financial assistance policies, available here. It is meant to help prepare for what procedures may cost. You select your hospital and the portal takes you to their website, where you can input your procedure and see what that costs. Depending on the hospital system, you may be asked for insurance information so they can take that into account as well.”

British Library UK Web Archive Blog: Web Archiving the UEFA Women’s Euros in Scotland and Wales. “The UEFA [Union of European Football Associations] Women’s Euro 2022 competition is taking place across England from July 6 to July 31, 2022. We are collecting websites about the 2022 UEFA Women’s EURO from around the UK.”


The Verge: Why social networks won’t stop pushing NFTs. “Reddit is only the latest social network to offer users a way to set an NFT as their profile picture. Last week, Facebook began allowing some creators to showcase NFTs that they own on a new ‘digital collectibles’ tab in their profile. The move came a month after Instagram added a way for creators to show off their NFTs. Spotify began letting some artists uses NFTs as their profile pictures in May. What makes these moves notable is that they came just as demand for NFTs and crypto products generally fell off a cliff.”

WordPress: WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Release. “This maintenance release features 13 bug fixes in Core and 18 bug fixes for the Block Editor. WordPress 6.0.1 is a short-cycle maintenance release.” 6.1 is planned for “later in 2022.”

CNBC: Embattled crypto lender Celsius files for bankruptcy protection. “Celsius was one of the largest players in the crypto lending space with more than $8 billion in loans to clients, and almost $12 billion in assets under management as of May. Celsius said it had 1.7 million customers as of June and was competing with its interest-bearing accounts and yields as high as 17%.”


I’ve known Kay Savetz for ages. I did not know about the TIARA script. Internet Archive blog: “Have you played Atari today?”. “In 2021 I created a script called TIARA — The Internet Archive Research Assistant — which searches Internet Archive every day for newly uploaded items that match my selected words and phrases.”


WIRED: Twitter’s Case in India Could Have Massive Ripple Effects. “Twitter’s lawsuit focuses particularly on section 69A of India’s Information Technology laws. Passed in 2000, the laws allow the government to issue blocking orders, requiring an intermediary–in this case, Twitter–to remove content that the government deems a risk to India’s security or sovereignty.”

Krebs on Security: Experian, You Have Some Explaining to Do. “Twice in the past month KrebsOnSecurity has heard from readers who had their accounts at big-three credit bureau Experian hacked and updated with a new email address that wasn’t theirs…. Research suggests identity thieves were able to hijack the accounts simply by signing up for new accounts at Experian using the victim’s personal information and a different email address.”

Reuters: Italy’s competition watchdog probes Google over data portability . “Italy’s competition authority AGCM said on Thursday it had launched an investigation against Google for suspected abuse of its dominant position in data portability, an accusation the Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) unit denied.”


University of Oxford: UN report: Oxford analysis reveals up to half of Holocaust-related content on Telegram denies or distorts facts . “Distortion and Holocaust denial is present on all social media platforms, but moderation and education can significantly reduce this, according to a landmark report today from UNESCO and the United Nations, supported by analysis by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute.”

BBC: Vincent Van Gogh: Hidden self-portrait discovered by X-ray. “A previously unknown self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh has been discovered hidden on the back of another painting. Experts at the National Galleries of Scotland made the find when the canvas was X-rayed before an exhibition.” Good morning, Internet…

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