Online Meeting Platforms, Seeing Speech, New Mexico Missing Persons, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 26, 2022


New-to-me, from Virtual Events Group: collection of online meeting platforms. They’re divided into several categories including metaverse, networking event, Webinar, and trade show. Alfred P. tells me there are over 200 different platforms described here. The annotations are moderate but every platform I looked at had a “best feature” notation that I liked very much. They all had videos, too.

Lancaster University: Gaelic ultrasound videos shed new light on mechanics of tongue movements during speech. “A research team, led by Lancaster University, made video recordings of people’s tongues while they spoke Gaelic and Western-Isles English to investigate what kinds of movements are used to produce different consonants…. A selection of the videos are now available in a new section of a website dedicated to videos of speech sounds, Seeing Speech, created by speech and language experts at the University of Glasgow and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.”

Albuquerque Journal: New database lists missing Native Americans from New Mexico, Navajo Nation. “The FBI on Monday unveiled a new database listing the names of 177 missing Native Americans from New Mexico and throughout the Navajo Nation, as part of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives initiative, Raul Bujanda, special agent in charge of the Albuquerque FBI Division, said at a news conference.”


PR Newswire: Zillow’s new tool powers home searches in up to five areas at once, letting shoppers move as fast as the market (PRESS RELEASE). “Now available on the Zillow app, the multi-location search feature makes the home shopping experience faster, simpler and easier by allowing shoppers to find available homes in up to five different areas at once; it also gives users the option to easily sift through the listings on the map or all in the same results feed. In addition, users can save their multi-location searches and opt to receive email and push notifications with results and recommendations.” Zillow is planning a number of other search enhancements. They’re mentioned in the release.

TechCrunch: Google is adding new Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep optimizations for tablets. “Google introduced Android 12L earlier this year to make tablets easier to use, and at I/O, the company announced plans to update more than 20 Google apps on tablets to optimize them for larger screens. Today, Google said it’s adding several new features for Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep to get started on this promise.”


The Recorder (Amsterdam, New York): Sticker Mule launches what it hopes will be a different social media platform. ” Local e-commerce company Sticker Mule is trying to make its mark in another corner of the digital universe with a new social media platform. ‘Stimulus’ is still in its beta phase, but in its soft launch it has gained about 10,000 verified users and 30,000 casual users.”


Boing Boing: YouTube copyright trolls claim public domain footage of Apollo moon landing. “Film archivist Fran Blanche posted content featuring the Apollo moon landings to YouTube, and reported being besieged by frauds using ContentID, the platform’s private copyright enforcement and monetization system.”


MercoPress: A first international database on Leopard seals’ births and pups, shows they roam well beyond Antarctica. “Leopard seals remain mostly a mystery given the limited information and research on the species and its range of action. However, an international study shared by several Antarctic institutes and universities identifies leopard seal births and pups in the first database of its kind and reveals evidence that these sightings are not limited to the Antarctic.”

New Security Beat: Delaying the Inevitable? The Uncertain Future of the EPA’s Online Archive. “Imperfect as the platform might be at present, many of the hundred thousand documents on the EPA archive simply aren’t available elsewhere. For instance, one essential record that will vanish is the 2003 Clear Skies Initiative, which was proposed during the presidency of George W. Bush.”


South China Morning Post: A stunning 16th-century Chinese ‘magic mirror’ was found in a US art museum after being tucked away in storage. “Buddhist magic mirrors, also called ‘transparent’ and ‘light-penetrating’ mirrors, were first made in China during the Han dynasty (202 BCE–220 CE) and were also a notable artefact from Japan’s Edo period (1603–1867)….When the mirror is held to light from the correct angle, the bronze reflects the light to reveal the secret image, a buddha in the case of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s relic.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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